Updating a query in ms access

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Actually I am trying to update the Bot table MFG with the Big table MFG when Big. In this example, we've selected the Big and Bot tables.

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The trick is to join the two tables using a common field and to properly specify the name of the field from the source table in the Update To cell.You can select multiple tables by holding down the Update Query from the popup menu.Next, build the query like the one below: This query will update the MFG field in the Bot table with the value in the MFG field in the Big table when the PART values match.You’ve imported a table that contains updated prices for some of the records in a table in your database.The data in all the other fields in the existing table is still correct.Once you have ran the update query, you can check the results by once again changing the update query back to a select query.

You use update queries in Access databases to add, change, or delete the information in an existing record.Our original table appears like the following example: The original Products table before we run the Update Query We need to update the Unit Price field, to update all records from our supplier (Exotic Liquids) as they have informed us of a 3% price increase.Here are the steps that we follow to produce the required outcome: Remember that the update query will permanently update records from the specified table(s), therefore it is very important that you have backed up the table(s) or database before running this object.You can update more than one field at a time in an update query.You can also include additional fields in the query grid to further limit the rows to be updated.Update queries are the most efficient way to make bulk changes to data; they are much more efficient than using a recordset in a VBA procedure.