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Nevertheless, for dating purposes, the serial number provides adequate information during this period.For example, a Duette with serial number 710201 was made in 1957 (7), during October (10), and was possibly the 201st amp made that month.

Some common manufacturer codes for parts used in Ampegs include: The Michael-Hull amplifiers can be narrowed down to a date of manufacture between 19.numbers beginning with 0) is that the second and third digits of the number denote the month in the first serial number system.Therefore, a serial number where these two digits are greater than 12 must be from the second serial number system (1965 - 69).Therefore, do not poke around in your old Ampeg if you are unfamiliar with amplifier electronics or their operation. Shortly after World War II, American electronic component manufacturers began to stamp a semi-standardized code into the parts they produced.The code contained information regarding the manufacture and date of production.A Mercury with serial number 009054 could be from September 1960 or it could be from the second serial number system implemented in 1965.

Luckily, it is very easy to determine which year the first digit denotes. For instance, the Super Echo Twin was made in 1964, but not in 1954.

The M-12 Mercury circuit of 1960 used 6V6 power tubes, but the Mercury circuit of 1965 used 7591As.

Likewise, an Ampeg from 1954 would not be covered in blue check vinyl whereas an amp from 1964 would have this covering.

An Ampeg from 1960 would be covered in navy random flair vinyl whereas an amp from 1965 would be covered in blue check vinyl.

Another check for a 1960 versus a 1965 or later serial number (i.e.

Electronic Industries Association (EIA) codes can also be very useful for giving clues as to an amp's age.

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