Lovers friendship scottish dating scottish dating

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Lovers friendship scottish dating scottish dating - dating cameos

Sex with them will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced with an American woman.

This defensive mechanism has been honed from a lifetime of dealing with Russian men who went caveman on her with direct game.The tried and true methods will work regardless of her country of origin.Nonetheless, knowledge of her ethnic idiosyncrasies will put a man way ahead of his competition.They are a challenge to approach because they compose themselves with an icy aloofness that tells a guy he will get his balls handed to him if he dares interrupt her calculated repose with a “hi”.Once opened, the Russian chick will shit test you like there’s no tomorrow.They like to wear baby tees that accentuate their ample Baltic bosoms.

Estonian women are so beautiful their 40 year olds are more fuckable than America’s 25 year olds. True to their image, French girls love to be seduced as much as they love seducing. Heavy-handedness or clumsiness during the pick up will turn her off. Play hard to get with a French girl; they eat that shit up.

Underneath the chilly exterior she harbors an uncontrollable desire to submit to a worthy man.

If you are that man, she’ll transform from bitchy ice queen to sultry seductress in a flash.

Most Polish girls are naturally thin — they don’t exercise much but they don’t eat much either. Estonian – It has been said that the hottest girls in the world hail from Estonia’s capital Tallinn. They hate Russians so if you want to win points with her drop a casual anti-Russian remark about how you heard their women drive their men to drink and an early death.

Most Estonian women are 9s and 10s with the approachability index of 6s and 7s, so when you find the rare one in the US you absolutely must go for it.

Contrary to the ethnic jokes, Polish girls are not stupid. Yes, Polish girls are more romantic than even French or Italian girls.

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    Now you will become popular among pretty people who will beg for a date with you!

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