Geologist uses radiometric dating

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Geologist uses radiometric dating - Text chat with nude girl

All of these events cannot be fitted into a one-year Flood, or any reasonable reconstruction of a 6000-year-old earth.In some cases, there is an erosional surface between two rock layers (e.g.

Another suggestion is that these “days” reveal six groups of divine creation proclamations (“let…”), while the outworking of those proclamations occurred sometime later, possibly through natural means. Advocates on both sides of the age issue present long lists of physical evidence.

Origen) to be allegorical only, while Augustine opined that it was difficult to be sure about what the “days” of Genesis actually were.

Today’s Young Earth (YE) creationists typically take them to be normal 24-hour days, and also take the genealogies in Genesis and elsewhere in the Bible to be literal and exhaustive representations of post-creation chronology.

When young Christians are taught that a young earth is an essential part of Christianity, this can and does cause some of them to lose their faith when they later encounter the evidence for an old earth in geology or biology classes.

Thus, we should be cautious about asserting that one Bible interpretation is the only valid approach.

By 1800, European geologists had realized that this sort of formation required the following sequence of events: (1) Thousands of feet of sediment accumulated underwater to form what we now see as the greywacke.

Even more sediment was laid down on top of that, to compress and cook it to form solid rock layers.

Other Christian viewpoints are compatible with the ancient earth which science reveals.

Old Earth (OE) creationists are willing to accept that the earth is billions of years old. Evolutionary creationists, sometimes called theistic evolutionists, believe the earth is old and also accept that God used macroevolution to bring about today’s living creatures.

C and D, in the figure below) which are nearly horizontal: Because both all layers are flat, it may not be immediately obvious that there was a time gap between their depositions, so geologists have to look closer for more clues.

Often, the presence of hard, loose pebbles of a lower layer (“Layer C”, here) embedded in valleys at the C-D interface demonstrates that the lower layer had hardened into solid rock and then was eroded prior to deposition of the upper layer.

Thus, such a location must have gone through the same cycles of deposition/ lithification/ uplift/ erosion/ subsidence/ deposition/ lithification/ uplift/erosion as with an angular conformity.

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