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I still wasn’t sure if I had enough nerve to wear the dress, though. I had consulted Ruth on the gift that we were all giving to Dick and she seemed truly interested in me and my life.Time flew by and soon I was looking at myself in the full length mirror in my bedroom, “I don’t know if you should wear this…” I kept turning around and looking at how naughty my little 95 pound, five foot two and a half inch body looked in this silky dress. The doorbell rang and I scampered down the hall and opened it. Dick always said he didn’t talk shop at home, but she asked me some questions that indicated otherwise.

We were standing outside the visitors room and I could hear the guys yelling and complaining. “I’ll be right back.” And in he went with the guy who met us at the door.“C’mon honkey, I need a shower! I was waiting only a short time when I distinctly heard my husband yell as if he were hurt. Ruth had some wings to bake and I mixed up a cheese spread as well as fixed some other stuff she had too.I guess this was all planned, but last year I was sick and didn’t go. Many of the people remarked how good the food was and I took credit where due.Without thinking, I ran into the locker room, and that’s when everything changed. Then I heard a hissing sound, and it shook me from my hypnosis. Standing in front of me were more black men than I could count, most of them stark naked! I mean I assumed my husband was an average size, since his was the only one I’d seen. Suddenly the light went off and a pair of large hands were grabbing at my breasts and I could see Dick and Steve in front of me.“No!

” I cried out and then was shoved back against the wall and a hungry mouth engulfed mine. And since I had saved myself for him, that’s all I’ve had in my life. He’s the head maintenance man and the local college and since it’s an old place it needs him too. It seems like we’ve only had sex a couple of times since we got married.Dick calls me a brat because I love to tease him by wearing short skirts or something else, sexy, to work. ” Dick’s voice cracked, “You must be planning on getting raped tonight! ” I turned around quickly.“You may not make it out of your apartment! The party was in a separate room at a nice restaurant.I know the other men watch me too, but he’s so much fun to tease. For some reason, Ruth wouldn’t leave my side and I sat next to her and Dick through the whole festivities.”“No, I don’t think so,” I worked to remove his hands from my wrists. “I hear that you are a little sex kitten at work anyway. ”“If I take it off,” I bargained, “Will you take me home? “It must be naughty.”Steve released me and stepped back a step or two.

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    If you've ever had a go at communicating online and making new connections for flirting, you probably know how difficult it can be.

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