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If they could evenly balance out their *beep* new shows and classic old shows they can have old fans and new ones and the ratings can go throught the roofs.

Stars: Doc Harris, Christopher Sabat, Scott Mc Neil, Sean Schemmel One day, 14-year-old Yusuke Urameshi suddenly finds himself dead, having died pushing a child out of the way of oncoming traffic.Stars: Junko Takeuchi, Maile Flanagan, Kate Higgins, Chie Nakamura Follows the adventures of Monkey D.Luffy and his friends in order to find the greatest treasure ever left by the legendary Pirate, Gol D Roger. Stars: Mayumi Tanaka, Tony Beck, Laurent Vernin, Akemi Okamura Join Ash Ketchum and Pikachu through this amazing journey while Ash strives to be the best Pokémon trainer in the world.Stars: Will Friedle, Kevin Conroy, Lauren Tom, Cree Summer A teenage girl periodically travels back in time to feudal Japan to help a young half demon recover the shards of a jewel of great power.Stars: Kappei Yamaguchi, Richard Ian Cox, Satsuki Yukino, Moneca Stori Yugi Moto solves an Ancient Egyptian Puzzle and brings forth a dark and powerful alter ego.Stars: Scott Mc Neil, Meghan Black, Christopher Judge, Kirby Morrow Fueled by remorse and vengeance, a high schooler named Terry Mc Ginnis revives the role of Batman.

Under supervision of an elderly Bruce Wayne, he fights crime in a harsh futuristic Gotham.

See full summary » Stars: Gregory Abbey, Ted Lewis, Marc Diraison, Cassandra Lee Morris In the city of Dakota, a teenage boy with electricity based powers, with the help of his inventive friend, fights crime as a superhero.

Stars: Phil La Marr, Jason Marsden, Kevin Michael Richardson, Michele Morgan This rendition of X-Men features Cyclops, Jean Grey, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, and Spike as teenagers as they fight for a world that fears and hates them.

Seinfeld was so amused by this that he began showing the clip of her stand-up routine during the audience warm up before tapings of the show and incorporated it into this episode.

See more » After George leaves Jerry's apartment, with the woman he is dating, Janet, Jerry shoves Kramer across the kitchen, and the freezer door swings open.

In a futuristic city with lost memories, an expert negotiator fights threats to the city with the help of an android and his own giant robot.

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    Where the latter are prized for their hammer-like bass and cutting trebles, the DYMR70SB, while loud, produces a balanced tone; the mids don’t have to fight to be heard.

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