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Kiwi – Can refer to either a New Zealander, or the country’s national bird. Example: If you scratch a lotto ticket and win $2 you might go – This can be combined with “Not even” and is used somewhat like an exclamation mark. ” Example: – Probably impossible to explain, but I will try. Used to express confusion when you’re unsure of why something is happening or when things are not appearing as they should.It’s used quite sparingly, but if you manage to pull off the “Not even” “Ow” combo as a foreigner, you will probably be made an honorary Kiwi. It has many different uses so you will need to listen carefully to the pitch, tone and context in which it’s used to decipher the meaning in each particular situation. When used in this context the “Aye” will typically be longer and more drawn out, usually in a slightly higher pitched voice. Hopefully now if we ever cross paths on the road you’ll find it a little easier for us to understand each other.

Learning Kiwi slang isn’t easy, so we’ll start with 20 common words. Macca’s – Mc Donald’s Togs – Swimsuit Bonnet & boot – Hood & trunk (of a car) Scull – To drink a usually alcoholic drink in one go without stopping.

But soon religious leaders realised this was a lost battle.

US authorities have filed fraud charges against the mining group, its former CEO Tom Albanese and ex-CFO Guy Elliott, claiming they inflated the value of their Mozambican coal assets acquired in 2011.

Nonetheless, I encourage foreigners to try as often as possible.

Back in 2007, the Catholic bishops said in a letter that abortion was a sin and a foreign import, that it corrupts youth and trivialises the sacred power of procreation.

Real Gentleman, honest, happy ( also without drinking! UK, Portugal, Netherlands, South of USA, Florida, Australia or I..

)Open, good dressed, like ballroom dancing but not a must, gentle. I am honest, faithful, sociable, caring and above all love nature i am here to stray for my soulmate for very long term relationships my hobbies are traveling music and i like sport too very much i am looking for a very .. Good sence of humour but also very conservative at times.

When a Catholic health director took over, he stopped the services.

Formulating the issue in terms of women’s rights could create a backlash.

Conservationists fear the poisoning of African wildlife is escalating in some areas, saying relatively easy access to agricultural chemicals and the surging illegal market for animal parts are putting some already beleaguered species under more pressure.

However shocking, these figures are much better than in the 1990s.

Example: – This has multiple meanings, so many that it would be pointless to explain them all here. Also note that the word is pronounced like the letter “A”, not the letter I. Used on the end of a statement to solicit agreement from the other party. Oh, and a special thanks to all the Canadians, Americans and Europeans I’ve met who didn’t understand a word I was saying.

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