Linux nis not updating map make

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Linux nis not updating map make

Slaves usually execute ypxfr every so often just to verify that they have the most recent maps; you can use cron to control how often this is done.The default implementation of map copying is somewhat inefficient.

Unless a server on the client's network responds, this sequence of events can cause the client to hang.

There is one map (file) for each key by which a file can be searched.

For example, in the domain cssuns, the DB files for the /etc/passwd maps might be The passwd file is searchable by both name and UID, so two maps are derived from it.

After you modify a system file, cd to /var/yp and run make.

The make command checks the modification time of each file against the modification times of the maps derived from it and runs makedbm for each map that needs to be rebuilt.

Note that the servers are given in the form of IP addresses.

accepts hostnames, but these hostnames must then be resolvable at boot time (i.e., enumerated in the /etc/hosts file or resolvable through DNS).

A master server maintains the authoritative copies of system files, which are kept in their original locations and formats and are edited with a text editor just as before.

A server process makes the contents of the files available over the network.

These days, the preferred management technique is to give each client an explicit list of its legitimate NIS servers.

This system also has the advantage that the servers need not be on the local subnet. Here's an example for the NIS domain atrustnis: There is one line for each server; if one server goes down, NIS fails over to another.

In the traditional NIS implementation, you must place at least one NIS server on every physical network.

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