Click once not updating

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Click once not updating - cloud and townsend dating

The first difference is that you will need to provide the “/target: Publish” argument to MSBuild when it builds your project. The next difference is that you will want to copy that “app.publish” directory to your build artifacts directory.Here is what this looks like in VSTS: This will cause MSBuild to build the required artifacts into an “app.publish” directory. To do this, you will need to add a Copy Files step into your build process that copies the “app.publish” directory from the Click Once project’s bin directory to where the build artifacts are expected to be.

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If you make changes and commit them, the build should create new artifacts, and the release should be able to publish the new version.If you like you can now run the build and see if it succeeds.If the build fails with an error relating to an expired certificate or pfx file, see my other blog post on importing the required certificate on the build server at build-time, which involves adding one more “Import-Pfx Certificate.ps1” build step before the MSBuild step.You will typically do this by going into your project Properties page and going to the Publish tab.There are several other websites and blog posts that discuss configuring a project for Click Once deployment, including the official MSDN documentation for configuring and publishing Click Once applications, so I won’t go into it any further here.If you launch another build and publish them, you’ll see that the files being published are overwriting the previous files, instead of getting published to a new directory as they are supposed to be.

You may be wondering why we need another build step to update the Click Once version.

Part of the build artifacts that are created are a .application manifest file, and a directory that contains the applications files, both of which have the Click Once version in them.

Can’t we just modify the directory name and .application manifest file to increment the old version number?

However, because we’re publishing from our build system now, we’ll need to come up with an alternative method.

To help solve this problem, I have created the Set-Project Files Click Once Version Git Hub repository.

Basically you should have your project in a state where you can easily publish a new version manually, and it is configured the way that you want (includes the necessary files, has the destination to publish to specified, specifies if the application is only available online or not, etc.).

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