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It's not the money, the truck / bus guy said 50 baht. I walked from the Tweet tweet today to Devils Den, then walked back a different route.Along the way I found this little fruit market and had an impromptu lesson on all these new kinds of fruit I've never seen before from one of the ladies that was selling the fruit.

That was a good post, and I agree with you for the most part. I like that place and I often visit that club when I am in Pattaya. Then, you go on to disparage a particular club, Kinnaree. Did you have a bad experience at that club by any chance?Walking is how I prefer to introduce myself to a city.When I got here I walked from the bus station to soi 10.We had a conversation of places where I would take him, what was expected of their behavior, and pricing.I told him to rehearse that well and be prepared for questions. After a nap, we met around 6 pm and headed to Soi 6 area, but first stopping by Rasputin, Sabai Room, Honey 2, and Sabai Dee.The central theme of your post was not to get hung up on any particular place, but to look around everywhere, I. Also, I am not sure where in the US one can find something better. In Europe and Latin America, we are talking about a whole different theme.

Don't confuse sushi with French food, they are different and some folks may like both.I saw the northern thing and Chain Mai is next on the list so I thought I would check it out. Among other things I had the Khao Soi Kai (like a spicy coconut curry sort of Thailands answer to Pho) nice people, great service and seriously incredible fucking food.Google maps shows it in the middle of an empty field but there's a food court bar court there now.I'll do the entire walk next time coming from Soi 6!Yesterday I went and met with Rocky 2300 and his friend.Kinda weird, every time I say to a moto taxi "no thanks I like walking" they look at me like I'm an alien.