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Once a week, I traveled to Bangor to get a progesterone shot which helped my cervix to calm down.

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But don’t let me allow you to think ANYTHING other than Chad was a pure God-send to me the entire time, and waited on me 24/7.

A woman whose body was found dumped by a Maine highway last month was killed in an alleged love triangle murder.

Court documents reveal Sally Shaw, 55, was shot in the head before being dragged to the side of the road in Cherryfield, in the state's northeast, on July 19.

But I felt I was going foolish looking around at all the things that “needed to be done.” There was a single spider web that drove me NUTS the entire time on bed rest.

I could have asked Chad to get it for me, but he was already doing so much other stuff that I felt silly nit-picking the housework apart.

When I was in my early teens, most girls were sneaking pecks from boys in the back row of the movie theater.

I was home making preemie clothes for my Cabbage Patch dolls.Carrine Reeves, 37, and 19-year-old Quaneysha Greeley were both arrested in New York two weeks later and charged with her murder.Shaw was in a relationship with Reeves when she was killed, court documents obtained by Bangor Daily News allege.I was a wee-bit old to be playing “baby” at the age of 14. (insert:giggle) However, instead of actually playing with my dolls, I was busy learning how to sew doll clothes on a sewing machine.My peers were more into Punky Brewster and New Kids On The Block than Xavier Roberts. Well, Xavier happens to be my FIRST red-headed, yarn-haired Cabbage Patch Kid. It was fun to make Xavier clothes and display them in my 80’s style bedroom.And his theory was that “A penis CAN poke out the eyes of your unborn child.” So what do you get when you deprive your wife of sex, caffeine, wine, and chocolate? And you deliver it with a smile on your face if you’re a smart man. the mere mention of weight gain is dangerous business if you live in a pregnant woman’s world.