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Housewives dating site - Webcamsex stream online

When Sheree tells Jack about how Tyrone is more than a prison boo – he’s her soul mate, and when he gets out, they’re gonna make sweet, sweet love together for all eternity, Jack looks like he just swallowed a shot of whiskey with no chaser.Sheree actually believes Tyrone her “soul mate” – for real!

#Run Todd Run Later, Cynthia reveals that she and Will haven’t had sex yet. Now Cynthia is worried that she’ll start liking Will too much, and then the sex might be bad.

How many of these ‘swim instructor’ scenes is Bravo going to treat us to over the years?

Maybe they’re trying to promote water safety – which is great – but perhaps they should start by banning binge drinking on beaches or bays or on boats or in bathtubs?!

50 Cyn is looking for a Big Pun in the sack, not a Too Short. Upon spotting her blind date in a restaurant, Porsha nearly turned and walked right out, but decided to try something new.

Of course, since Cynthia has dating game worse than Porsha’s blind date, she confesses all this to Will. So she stayed, did a sake bomb, and then made up an excuse about her mom needing her and left early.

Instagram pictures lead people to believe that Sheree up and secretly married him in a prison so she could get some conjugal visits. Sheree was spotted visiting him and wearing a “wifey” t-shirt.

Since Sheree doesn’t get any of that 7-figure alimony from Bob, why not get married again?!

My how the tables have turned now that Kenya has a real man, and it’s Cynthia, single and alone, who just wants to be loved and included.

Well, at least we now know why Sheree is so broke: she’s spending all her coins buying vending machine snacks for her prison bae, Tyrone, and accepting collect phone calls! It’s all look, but don’t touch and appreciate it from afar?

Later when her life coach Jack Daniels comes over, Sheree actually pauses on their conversation to accept a collect call from Tyrone.

He croons in his smooth snake oil salesman voice about how much he loves Sheree.

Also, she looks like the fool defending her friend for a man that may be an instagram stunt! Marc apparently can’t visit ATL because she has a restraining order against Matt, and has to keep them separated, but uhhh…

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