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This reading says that marriage is a “second-class” option for those who lack sexual self-control, and that thus such self-control is unnecessary in marriage.This reading suggests that marriage does not “remedy” lust by curbing it, but by legitimizing it, and Burke identifies this view as the “strongest obstacle to the development of a properly conjugal asceticism or spirituality.” Burke sees in John Paul II’s Theology of the Body a refreshing response to this reading, placing marital intercourse in the context of gift and reminding couples of their call to chastity in the married life.

Drawing on Paul, Augustine, Aquinas, and others, Burke argues that this is incorrect.

Under this view, men and women sexually attracted to each other while dating may try to justify their sinfulness by saying that their desires will eventually lose their sinfulness, once they are married.

But those experiencing attractions to the same sex are not permitted such indulgence.

Concupiscence can have an object, as long as that object is a spouse.

What we experience as temptations to sexual sin outside of marriage become legitimate desire once they are directed towards a spouse within marriage.

We all know that feeling when your partner 'needs to talk'.

They may touch your shoulder, or their tone or facial expressions change. We've all been in an argument where we are so sure we're right.

Rather, he writes that love in marriage “stands in need of constant purification,” and we should not forget the importance of asceticism in purifying marital love.

Concupiscience “remains a threat to the married as to the single.” After all, “concupiscience is not cured by being satisfied but is rather increased.” Burke argues against those who use a decontextualized reading of 1 Corinthians 7 and subsequent readings which decontextualize Augustine’s argument that sex in marriage involves venial sin.

We'll go to great lengths to stand our ground and prove that we are right and our partner is wrong.

News flash, this is not helpful for our relationships. Why is talking about sex in our relationships so hard sometimes? Unhappy with the frequency of sex in your relationship? Sex is a huge part of relationships, and it's often not talked..

Pope John Paul II writes against this view in Love and Responsibility, but I believe that the canon lawyer and former Judge of the Roman Rota, Cormac Burke, does this more clearly.

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