State of insanity chat room

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State of insanity chat room - Sex chat german only

[Inspire revive cooldown]( Vrgp.jpg) ! [Running From Death move speed boost duration, Running From Death weapon swap / reload speed boost duration and Up You Go damage reduction duration]( Ooz83Q.jpg) ![Real-time dodge chance gauge]( Qo44w.jpg) ! [Sixth Sense initial delay]( Nsf.jpg) ! [Sixth Sense detected unit count (only while highlighted) and sensing cooldown]( !

[Aggressive Reload duration and Forced Friendship damage absorption]( !

### Note: This mod *heavily* favors game stability over skill tracking correctness, and attempts to avoid duplicating or otherwise influencing the game code wherever possible by tracking them externally through events (preferred for efficiency) or polls (if there is no other option).

Note that this mod does not handle displaying the information itself - instead, it calls certain Poco Hud functions to display the tracked information as though Poco Hud itself were tracking it.

[Biker kill count and overall cooldown]( Mf.jpg) !

[The Biker indicators turn red (or to the 'negative' color set in Poco Hud) upon the kill limit being hit, and the cooldown indicator changes to show the shortest cooldown instead]( Dz C.jpg) !

[Anarchist Lust for Life cooldown]( OOh.jpg) !

[Anarchist passive armor regen cooldown and gain amount indicator]( CO9q I.jpg) !Unseen Strike, Bloodthirst basic) do not currently function exactly the way they are described in the Skill Tree GUI, this mod follows their actual, incorrect implementations instead of adhering strictly to their descriptions - Added a fix to prevent the Unseen Strike skill's polling coroutine from needlessly executing while in the main menu - Added dependency on a mod that provides a fixed implementation of BLT's Delayed Calls class / revision 4: - Fixed an issue where the Second Wind buff would momentarily turn invisible when taking heavy suppressive fire - Split the unary Unseen Strike option into two distinct options, one for the damage avoidance phase and one for the critical hit chance boost phase - Added missing check for the Second Wind buff when the skill is activated by a crew member - Added support for tracking and displaying the current cumulative dodge chance - Added experimental support for detecting Poco Hud reloads (disabled by default) - Added experimental support for disabling Poco Hud's buff transition animations (inactive by default) 0.0.4 / revision 5 'Not flickerless, but flicker less indeed': - Fixed an issue where the Second Wind buff would flicker repeatedly while a crew member who owns the aced version of the skill takes heavy suppressive fire - Fixed an issue where the Unseen Strike damage avoidance buff would flicker when taking damage - Fixed issues where the Grinder regen duration, Hostage Taker / Muscle regen, Anarchist passive armor regen, Maniac stack refresh / decay, Aggressive Reload duration, and Bloodthirst weapon reload speed boost duration buffs would flicker upon renewal - Added support for tracking the following information: - Sixth Sense skill initial delay, sensing cooldown, and detected unit count (only while highlighted) - Anarchist perk deck passive armor regen cooldown and Lust for Life perk cooldown - Biker perk deck kill count and overall cooldown - Uppers skill range gauge and auto-heal cooldown - Lock 'n Load skill reload speed boost - Sociopath perk deck cooldowns (only one buff will be shown) - Bulletstorm skill duration and potential - Added Anarchist perk deck passive regen gain indicator - Added performance options to configure the polling resolutions of certain trackers - Fixed an issue that caused certain buffs' one-off delayed calls to be rescheduled perpetually - Fixed a crash issue that could occur after switching among profiles on the mission briefing GUI / revision 6 'Interim': - Fixed a log spam issue related to Poco Hud BLT revision 11 (r467) - Added support for disabling Poco Hud's fullscreen yellow dodge / damage flashes when its 'Damage Arc' feature is enabled (inactive by default) - This feature requires the experimental 'Hook Poco Hud Reload Event' option to be enabled / revision 7 'Not dead yet, just almost. If anything, BLT's implementation hasn't even changed at all from its most recent code in BLT 1 This mod will automatically switch your weapon to a predefined fire mode when aiming down sight.Bah, who even cares': - Updated for compatibility with BLT 2.x - Added an empty placeholder icon (cba to make a proper one atm) - Removed redundant validity checks - Fixed the Muscle / Hostage Taker regen timer ticking perpetually despite the perk / skill not actually being equipped (broken since U135, thanks, OVK ) - Note that this still does not fix the issue where the timer ticks perpetually despite already being at full health if the perk / skill /is/ equipped (this is due to another related bug that surfaced after the transition to Lua JIT, which is why the health / armor indicator keeps flashing red every five seconds even though no damage has been taken at all) - Fixed the Unseen Strike critical hit chance boost buff to function again (broken since U153, the skill is still pointless anyway given the limitations and heavy point investment requirement) - Fixed an issue where the Unseen Strike critical hit chance boost buff remains visible despite taking damage and losing the boost if the Unseen Strike damage avoidance buff is disabled - Adjusted skill poll initialization delays to resolve a potential race condition that could occur if Query Poco() gets executed later than the skill polls ! ADS fire mode is on "single" by default, you can edit this in *playerstandard.lua* (line 1). [Example gif]( J2Fmgf.gif) You can now choose to deactivate the mod for specific weapons, as below. [Blacklist example]( CYA7k.jpg) [Download]( Adds the states of the assault in the assault corner banner. Includes: - Control state - Anticipation state - Build state - Sustain state - Fade state Customization: - Textlist (make your own custom one in the localization! This mod fixes the bug sound when you fire a single bullet in auto fire, which for most weapons produces a second bullet sound. [Bullseye cooldown, Grinder regen duration, Grinder stack cooldown, Hostage Taker regen cooldown]( I.jpg) ! Making boosts finally Ballin as shit Want ta add -4 accuracy to a sniper? [The new trackers added by this mod]( KJs4.png) !side-by-side with Poco Hud and all other BLT mods)**.