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One aged 18, tells of how she was fronted into the trade by her mother, to supplement the family’s income.Aged 40, the mother who is a support staff at a local organization sells her daughter to senior colleagues.

She speaks of her sexual encounters openly to relatives, friend and foe. Her behavior is possibly learned from her promiscuous parents.

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Chased away by relatives or lovers, they move from the rural areas to find a better life in the city of Nairobi. But, the minimum wages are too little to support their needs. Others stay, hoping to meet a rich or white man who will love them totally. Another lot hopes for a father figure to rescue them from their misery. As they delve deeper in to the trade, very few of them want out. They earn good pay, but have little to show for it. Most drink to keep warm, and are not alcoholics,“ says Likoko. “I wish we had free drug rehabs in our country, to facilitate ease in rehabilitating drug abusers. “In a composition, my son wrote that I work at a salon,” Lamented a 21 year old.

Soon, they will end up in slums, where housing is cheaper. “We use witchcraft and love potions,” retorts another. One of my lecturers recently raised a concern: “I’m afraid to walk at K-street (maybe in search of a lover). ” This confirms that the University is well aware that bright students are in the trade for a variety of reasons. They are unfriendly to neighbors, but people can pinpoint them easily. They avoid question about how they earn a living,” says Likoko. They cannot trust a stranger, especially an inquisitive one. They are afraid that you are like the many who judge them, especially if you stare at them,” Likoko affirms. Initially, they suffer shock, then disillusionment. There is often the need to pay for anti-retrovirals, nurse wounds after battery by crazy or demanding customers, pay hospital bills and buy drugs to numb their pain. The most we can do is counsel them.” Hope at the end of the tunnel “I can’t get out unless I get an alternative source of income,” is the hope of one aging girl. When asked about what legacy they want to leave, their body language changes. This is where the journey to liberation begins, for most. This former commercial sex worker and mother of a 3-year-old became sexually active at age 16. 50,000 (US$ 680) or slum ones who earn as little as Kshs.20 a day.” We merely explored the streets on our way to hostels, from campus.” Little did she know her calling was to mentor the girls out of prostitution.

To her, prostitution is giving one’s body in exchange for material possessions. At first, a girl is unsure of what she will encounter. Nurture or sexual abuse can be traced in the past of a number of sex workers.

Frequenting the streets gradually causes her conscience to die. She separates her body from the sexual act,” she adds. Since behavior is learned, victims of rape for example, either chose to refrain from sexual intercourse altogether, or suffer low self-esteem.Here, young teens are taught the art of lovemaking by aunts or peers. An encounter with twilight girls confirms that most have a don’t-care attitude. Likoko is concerned that some aged 16 and 17 are violent. They account casually of a kill or a stab,” she adds. “Her son must know that his mother is up to no good. Eunice Likoko is a Social worker at Full Circle, a ministry that was inspired by the likes of Africa Reaching Africa and Women at Risk (based in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia) who are walking a journey of reclaiming the lives of Commercial Sex Workers. Full circle is an initiative of Mamlaka Hill Chapel.The new girls are easy to spot and therefore marketable. The Vision of the Church in mid 2006 was to reach out to communities within a one-kilometer radius. “Rehabilitation of street girls is not a game of numbers”, says Likoko.Nelly Njoroge, a Counseling Psychologist working with victims of Sexual and Gender-based Violence says that judging those in the trade is inappropriate.“The fact that they bend over backwards to their clients could be a sign of rejection, class-level tensions or low self-esteem. “Suppression of values is another cause of prostitution.The trade has enabled her pay for their school fees. Most are school drop-outs, hence lack basic life skills on simple budgeting and balanced diets.