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Most of the programmers I like are closer to my father's age than mine.The new breed of open-source programmer isn't like the old.

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I'd never met another programmer in real life at this point, but I knew more about programming than some college students.

Even if they lacked computers, they were taking apart alarm clocks, repairing pencil sharpeners or tinkering with ham radios.

Some of them built pumpkin launchers or LEGO trains.

I was doubly floored when I found out that coder0 was none other than Eric S.

Raymond, whose writings I'd devoured shortly after discovering Linux.

If anything, some folks assume that it's a "girl thing".

Still, I don't see the area producing a bunch of female hackers.The poverty, urbanization and rising crime aside, girls aren't being raised to hack any more in my hometown than they are anywhere else.When I talked to those fifth-grade math classes, the boys told me about fixing broken video game systems or rooting their phones.That goes doubly for girls, who then grow up to be liberal arts majors.Then, in their late teens or early twenties, someone who feels the gender skew in technology communities is a problem drags them to a LUG meeting or an IRC channel.Open source was my refuge because it was a place were nobody cared what my pedigree was or what I looked like—they cared only about what I did.

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