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Chiaki goes onto say that he could never date or become sexually intimate with a guy out of sympathy or compassion, even revealing that the only man he gets "excited" by is Hatori.After confessing all this, Chiaki makes his first step in gradually realizing the true extent of his feelings.

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Slowly after this, their relationship grew and Chiaki begins to slowly realize that he loves Hatori more than as his best friend.

Yuu responds by saying that "[Chiaki] knows why", making him think.

After this, Chiaki begins to realize that since he can't bear seeing Hatori with someone else romantically, then that is an indication that he must love him.

After meeting, Hatori tells Chiaki that he has been in love with him for his entire life - clearing up that he and Yuu were not dating and the two actually hate each other.

Hatori further tells him he never admitted to his true feelings because he felt that Chiaki would be disgusted by another man having feelings for him.

Hatori and Chiaki have known one another their entire lives, since even in their elementary school years.

They have always been very close to where Yuu remarks that Chiaki and Hatori "have always been joined at the hip".

He wears casual clothing most of the time and is only seen in a suit during the Marukawa's New Year's party.

Like most male characters in the series, Chiaki is tall for Japanese men, more than likely in the slightly above average height range.

Chiaki Yoshino (吉野千秋, Yoshino Chiaki) is a main character in the Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi series and a central character in the light novel series The Case of Chiaki Yoshino.

Chiaki is a popular shoujo mangaka for Emerald magazine.

A shocked and dejected Yuu demanded to know why Hatori was the only one "good enough".