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His feelings are just about officially confirmed when Yuu begins forcing himself onto Chiaki and kissing him against his will, saying how he could maybe fall in love with him by sleeping with him.

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Hatori then declared that since he has betrayed Chiaki's trust, he felt it was best to leave his life.

When Hatori explains why he was with his ex-girlfriend, she is a co-worker he simply ran into, Chiaki becomes embarrased for his furious reaction.

Hatori takes this as an indirect confession of love for him and the two make up.

After meeting, Hatori tells Chiaki that he has been in love with him for his entire life - clearing up that he and Yuu were not dating and the two actually hate each other.

Hatori further tells him he never admitted to his true feelings because he felt that Chiaki would be disgusted by another man having feelings for him.

He wears casual clothing most of the time and is only seen in a suit during the Marukawa's New Year's party.

Like most male characters in the series, Chiaki is tall for Japanese men, more than likely in the slightly above average height range.Panicking since he knew, in the least, that he didn't with Hatori to leave, Chiaki abruptly demanded that Hatori kiss him.He told Hatori that if he was truly not okay with even kissing then he could leave; wanting to know if they could make a relationship work in order to keep Hatori near him.Chiaki's growing feelings are further demonstrated when he experiences jealousy.In one instance, when seeing Hatori with an ex-girlfriend who was becoming flirtatious, this greatly angers him and brings him to go to Yuu's house to drown his feelings in alcohol.When Chiaki was struggling with balancing both his college career and drawing manga, Hatori assured him that he will take care of him so he would not have to worry.