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“I would say we dropped in on them over a period of maybe three, four months and they were very open about their lives.

I guess, maybe, in the film we didn’t wind up telling those stories but a lot of women told us stories of harassment of—in some cases—violence against them.”The women of lament the fact they can’t hold their girlfriends’ hands in Wal-Mart, or any kind of public place without inviting harassment.

In the end, the decision was made that it was just really more powerful as a whole to not focus on that.

But I will tell you that every one of them is having a great sex life.

They also, for the most part, have estranged or strained relationships with their parents, all based on Christianity. To see it in reality, really to see and get to know folks who live with that experience daily was a new encounter for me and surprising in just to feel what it feels like.

One woman, Cameron, even says that while she’s currently in a relationship with her fiancee, Amber, she hopes that she doesn’t die a lesbian because she wants to go to Heaven.“I was surprised,” Ilene said. Even though I think we know it’s true and that it’s the case, it’s just still surprising.”A lot of people might think that women like Cameron or Brandiilyne might be better off moving to a city like Los Angeles, or even a closer college town where things aren’t so homophobic. This is where people wave when they pass you on the road and you don’t get that anywhere else.”Lauren said she hopes that viewers will see the stories of as American stories, important parts of our country and people that aren’t frequently told or shown in such a way.“I guess it’s what you want any documentary to come away with is empathy for people that you don’t know,” she said.

They are really, really enjoying themselves.”“Of course we didn’t want any real sex scenes or anything like that because that’s very private for us, very personal,” says documentary subject Brandiilyne Dear. We wanted to tell our story and we didn’t want to take away from what happened and we’re trying to break free from stereotypes.

So that was real important.”Stereotypes of the South were one thing Lauren said all of the women were concerned about.“There’s so many stories to tell and we wanted to make sure it was a nuanced telling, it wasn’t just the obvious,” she said.

Along with her partner Susan, she shares her story of being ousted from her church when they found out she was in love with a woman, and hopes to encourage the gay community of the South to come out and live authentically.“When I decided to do The Dandelion Project, I felt like myself again,” Brandiilyne said. We have members all the way from 15 up to 60 and every week people come and are able to be themselves and embrace their identity and that’s the safe place.

“I know what I’m supposed to do is helping people and this is where I’m supposed to be. And a lot of the adults come there like, ‘I wish I had this when I was younger.’ So it’s been a really, really awesome experience.

Instead the stories are much darker, with veiled threats from disenchanted homophobic mothers about taking their unborn grandchildren away if they deem their gay daughter unfit, and emotional retellings of outings that had some of them thrown out of their homes, churches and communities.“We did film some more sexual scenes with the women that were open to it,” Lauren said.

“Some of them are just like, very shy, polite Southern girls who are uncomfortable with that but we did film more sexual scenes.

But Brandiilyne acknowledges both in the film and during our interview that the fight is necessary right where she lives.“I would love to move to a bigger city but things will never change if we all migrate north,” she said. We’re trying to empower a younger generation, and teach a younger generation and support a younger generation, again, to live out and live authentic. When people see us for people and human beings, we’re just, we’re the same. “They are American, admirable people, they are fun as hell, and they are interesting. I hope people are encouraged again to be authentic, to live an authentic life is to help equality come to the South.”“I think they are human stories,” Ilene said.

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