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His team are working with new underwater and on-shore seismic instruments to measure the plate's interaction with the mantle, and monitor quake and volcanic activity at the trench off the coast where the Juan de Fuca plate subducts under the North American plate.

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Seattle, Portland and Vancouver are at risk of being hit by a megaquake, scientists have warned.

Pictured is the Juan de Fuca and Gorda plates offshore of the Pacific Northwest.

Pa was AWESOME, people were so nice and caring, polite and friendly to us southerners. They talk about everyone behind their back but are their best friend to their face. This is the most backwark state, nothing to do unless you like country music, tatoos, drinking and brawling (women included), screwing someone elses partner (no one's married, just having kids together, maybe their brother's or father"s) Oh, and everyone has a pierced lip, tongue, eyebrow, nipple, whatever. People here will cut you off in traffic, give you the "bird" if you are going the speed limit and cut in front of you if you're waiting for someone to pull out of a parking space, then cuss you and call you names when you confront them in a polite manner. I have long tried to understand why the general population here is so paranoid.

I'm getting out of this AWFUL, BACKWARD , HATEFUL state as soon as I can!!! Why the celebration of being uneducated and ignorant.

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About 70 per cent of them would be in Washington, nearly 30 per cent in Oregon and only 4 per cent in California.

Devastation: Experts say citizens have 20 minutes to run when a tsunami of around 9.0 on the Richter scale will hit the Pacific Northwest when the Juan de Fuca plate, a 700-mile chunk of ocean, slips under the region Researchers believe the subducted part of the plate deep under the trench is pulling the massive plate downward at the same time that the emerging lava at the mid-ocean spreading ridge is elevating the plate and pushing it eastward.

people are the rudest people I have ever encountered.