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Farmer or Carpenter -TOPONYMIC- a surname arising from association with an area e.g.Castle or Greenwood -LOCATIVE - a surname arising from association with a specific place e.g.

Almost without exception it can be claimed that a YOUATT surnamed person can be directly related to a yeoman farmer family of the North Devon village of NEWTON TRACEY and with a lesser degree of certainty to sergemaking families of the name in 17th. Maps and copies of relevant documents accompany the text to form what is a most fascinating history.Such Yoward and Yowart names encountered during research are regionally grouped around Cumbria and the North East of Britain where ewes are pronounced yows.YEOATTE is an example of a toponymic surname arising from roots meaning a dweller by the river Yeo.It is often thought that a surname of the rarity of Youatt should be easy to trace, however the contrary is the case.Until the late 19th.century the name was recorded and spelt according to the ability of the recordist to accurately write down the name heard.John atte-Yeo in the course of time would become John Yeoatte.

Whilst suggestive of a family with North Devon associations it has not been possible to link the Youatt surname with either the Devon family of Yeo or to find a connection with the river of that name.Such spellings need careful investigation before being accepted as Youatt ancestors. C practice of using a mothers maiden surname as a middle christening name, not only are the mothers family identified but where the name was carried by later generations, family groups may be readily grouped.Fortunately the ready availability of civil and ecclesiastical documents enable other checks to be made. On the subject of records, nowadays most are copied and printed or viewed from microfilm, only occasionally is an original document produced for reference.In North Devon, Yeo is pronounced locally YOE as distinct from the YOO the normal rendering of You. This is to be found in several regions of France the name in varying form is to be found in the Departments of Calvados, Lot-et-Garonne and Cher.[A locative example in practice: the surname Venus has roots in the Normandy village of Venois, so Jean of Venois is later to be found as John Venus ] A village with the name JOUETTE is to be found Calvados in Normandy, it is located some 12 km.Professional genealogists view both sources with some scepticism principally on the basis of associating like sounding surnames and generalising their origin.

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