Validating null in pl sql

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The following sections describe new features for Oracle Application Express.Application Express provides an application development tool that is built into the database and is installed in the database by default which is different from Oracle Database 10 Oracle Application Express includes support for 18 different types of Flash charts.

This release also includes a utility that enables you to convert existing Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) charts to Flash.You can now interact with Web services over a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and work with Web services that require basic authentication.Finally, this release also enables you to manually create a Web services reference even if the Application Express engine cannot correctly parse a WSDL document.This release also includes a number of workspace management enhancements.For users requesting new workspaces or requesting additional storage, you can control what sizes display.The potential benefit of this feature is an increase in performance by enabling statement caching in precompiled programs.

The performance improvement is achieved by removing the overhead of parsing the dynamic statements on reuse.

You can also request an e-mail of your workspace names.

And, finally, you can view a log of login attempts.

With this enhancement, Unicode data can be fetched in Little Endian format on Windows and Linux platforms using a Pro*COBOL application.

When a UTF16 (UCS2) string is fetched in Pro*COBOL now supports scrollable cursors to fetch data in a nonsequential manner.

You can also specify controls for a specific account under Account Controls on the Edit User page.