Validating null in pl sql

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Validating null in pl sql - what is sixth base in dating

You can now interact with Web services over a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and work with Web services that require basic authentication.Finally, this release also enables you to manually create a Web services reference even if the Application Express engine cannot correctly parse a WSDL document.

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By using the outline feature, you can ensure that the performance of the application is not affected when modules are integrated and deployed into different environments.

Application Migration enables you to migrate a Microsoft Access application and generate an Oracle Application Express application.

This feature provides an easy way to migrate applications from Microsoft Access to Oracle Express.

Oracle always stores Unicode data (UTF16) in Big Endian representation.

Linux and Windows have Little Endian representation and Solaris has Big Endian representation.

New Cache attributes have been added to the Page attributes and Region Definition pages.

Page caching works well for static pages and region caching is a good choice for regions such as lists that do not have any conditions or regions containing HTML text.

It also reduces the server CPU that would have been consumed for processing the query, thereby improving server scalability.

Application developers can now precompile Pro*C/C and Pro*COBOL applications with the new statement caching option.

This release also includes a number of workspace management enhancements.

For users requesting new workspaces or requesting additional storage, you can control what sizes display.

You can also request an e-mail of your workspace names.

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