Dating a classmate

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'I tried to laugh it off, smack him and say witty, pointed things. Hoffman declined to comment on Rossetter's essay to the Hollywood Reporter.I begged him nicely with tears in my eyes to please stop it. She even considered reporting Hoffman to Actors Equity, but was convinced not to by colleagues who said it could ruin her career.'I was cautioned by some respected theatre professionals that if I did, I would probably lose my job and, because he was such a powerful star, any hope of a career. Hoffman's essay was published a little over a month after Anna Graham Hunter wrote a similar account of Hoffman's harassment.

Rossetter told her story in her own words in an essay for the Hollywood Reporter, published on Friday.'One night in Chicago, I felt his hand up under my slip on the inside of my thighs.I was completely surprised and tried to bat him away while watching the stage for my cues. 'I couldn't speak to him in the moment because I was on a live mic. One night he actually started to stick his fingers inside me.She later told a friend about the incident although didn't share all the details.Another woman, who chose to remain anonymous, told Variety Hoffman assaulted her in the back of a car while she too was working on Ishtar, as an extra aged 22.She says she tried to tell one of the actors what happened, but he said it was her 'fault and walked away'. On another occasion, Rossetter says she was summoned to Hoffman's room in the middle of the play by his dresser. She says he regularly groped her breasts whenever they took pictures together.

I was cautioned by some respected theatre professionals that if I [reported Hoffman], I would probably lose my job and, because he was such a powerful star, any hope of a career. She thought he wanted to give her notes on a scene, but instead he asked her to give him a massage. While Hoffman was skilled at moving his hand away before the picture was taken, she says she once caught him in the act. Rossetter says she 'tried everything to get him to stop' but Hoffman was relentless.'When we stepped into the room, he jumped on the bed and said, 'Give me a back rub.' He pulled off his shirt. I said we had to be back at rehearsal in 15 minutes.He said, 'Just a quickie.' One night, Rossetter says between scenes Hoffman lifted her slip over her head in front of a group of male crew.She says this happened in front of a group of male crew members and she later learned Hoffman had promised them a 'surprise' if they gathered near her backstage. She says this happened on multiple occasions, and each time Hoffman's dresser would wait outside the room standing guard.The shock of the violation had caused her to miss her cue to laugh and she was chewed out by her fellow actors afterward. Rossetter said she felt 'trapped' in these situations since they were just feet from the stage. And it wasn't just on the job that Hoffman harassed Rossetter.Then a recent college graduate, Kester said she was working in the studio where Hoffman was laying down vocal tracks for the movie.

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