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Once they do, they'll no longer be counted as unemployed and no longer considered part of the labor force.

Without their payments, many workers will likely stop looking for a job.

Ninety-percent of LGBTQ participants said they too feel discriminated against.

The same answer was given by the majority of other groups.

This rate fell to 63.2 percent last year, its lowest level point 1978, according to the Labor Department.

The rate had peaked at 67.1 percent during the late 1990s.

Economists say the likelihood of landing a job dims substantially after six months of unemployment.

The economy remains 1.2 million jobs shy of the 8.7 million that disappeared after the recession struck.

At the time, it was buoyed by a strong economy, the baby boom generation entering its peak earning years and the entrance of more women into the workforce.

Blurring the picture, a wave of Americans stopped looking for work, meaning they were no longer counted as unemployed.

'I think this does reinforce a lot of the resentment you saw in the 2016 election, especially among white, working-class voters lacking a college degree,' David Cohen, a political scientist at the University of Akron said. In accompanying studies, people from every race included in the poll said they felt discriminated against.

Others laughed at the notion that white people could be victims of discrimination. Experts said the poll results 'reinforced the resentment' of white voters who elected Donald Trump last year after feeling left behind by former administrations (Trump is seen above at a campaign rally last November) The response was overwhelming from African America, 92 percent of whom said they were victims of race-based discrimination.

'I don't see how we can be discriminated against when, when we have all the power. Seventy-eight percent of Latinos questioned gave the same answer as did 75 percent of Native Americans and 61 percent of Asian Americans.

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