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His body is aging at a rapid rate and he expects to die very soon.Clark objects and tells him about how he gave up his first Christmas with Lana to help Chloe deliver toys.When Santa falls off, Clark saves him and sends him on his way. Scanlan explains to Lionel that Lex will most likely be paralyzed from the chest down because he is too unstable for surgery or transfer.Tom Welling (The Fog) Kristin Kreuk (Beauty and The Beast) Michael Rosenbaum (Cursed) Erica Durance (The Butterfly Effect 2) Allison Mack (Riese) John Glover (Batman & Robin) Annette O’Toole (IT) John Schneider (The Dukes of Hazzard) Aaron Ashmore (The Skulls 2)Lex drives into a dark alley to meet Griff, who is being paid to do whatever Lex wants to destroy Jonathan in the race for State Senator.Lex hesitates and says that he wants 24 hours to decide if he wants to go down that path.Lois Lane and Grant Gabriel are kissing in a storage closet in the Daily Planet.

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