Dating frum world

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This Sunday, July 10, at pm Tirtzah members will meet in Teaneck New Jersey for an informal gathering and Torah study.

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We require women who are not on our e-mail list to speak with one of the group leaders before attending an event. We are a community of frum queer women who gather to celebrate and study our yiddishkeit.

I was surprised because I was truly amazed that a woman of Betsy's youthful age could be so out of touch with the modern feminist.

Her column was out of date -- out of reality -- and seemed to be written to cater to the elderly and the bitter.

To quote Aziz Ansari, Why won't I go up and talk to a girl at a club?

"Because that woman is going to be mean as sh** to me for no reason." My generation also faces a romantic crisis. Or, if you seeking some sort of stability, you end up getting involved in a sudden and intense relationship which usually ends, oh, after about six months.

More women are in the workforce, more women are working demanding jobs and more women are entering and succeeding in male dominated fields. Hell, to have a job that pays decently and offers health care benefits is about as common as a unicorn.

However, the problem with today is that the economy that college and post-graduates entered 15 years ago doesn't exist anymore. The opening scene of the pilot is profound: Lena Dunham's character's parents cut her off and tell her she must be self-sufficient.For the most part, men are no longer "gentlemen" and women are no longer "ladies." Rather we feel more comfortable getting naked and having sex within the first few hours of meeting each other, but coffee and dinner dates are intense and scary.Men have stopped asking women out (not least out of fear).Tirtzah is proud to be a part of Eshel, which will be hosting it’s first Orthodox LGBT community Shabbaton this January.Eshel welcomes gay and lesbian traditional Jews to join us for this first-ever shabbaton, being held January 21-23 at the Isabella Freedman Retreat Center, two hours from New York City.We aim for it to be a positive and non-judgmental space for women who are currently frum or are becoming frum*. You will need to create a Google account (free of charge) if you don’t already have one.