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Cheryl is annoyed by this at first, but becomes obsessed with the TV and is forced to admit to Jim that she loves it.It's Halloween, and Cheryl has forbidden Gracie to go trick-or-treating, since she was misbehaving to go trick-or-treating.

Cheryl leaves Jim in charge of their kids and some other kids who were there to play with the girls during a Bears game.

The next day, one of the kids mom calls Cheryl, saying her daughter came home repeating a swearing she heard from Jim.

Cheryl apologizes for him and Jim is insulted that she always automatically takes the other person's side.

However, not wanting his daughter to miss out on the fun of the Halloween spirit, Jim sneaks her out anyway and they head together, but Cheryl finds out about the situation.

Meanwhile, Andy becomes convinced that he's being stalked by Carrie, his ex.

This time the problem is their daughter, whom his wife can't leave alone on her first week at kindergarten.

Jim says it's because she's a woman and decides to take Ruby himself, but he also can't leave her behind.

After Jim tells Maggie that Cheryl wants her in a hotel, Maggie gives her grandma's pearl necklace to Dana.

Cheryl's upset and goes to the airport to ask her mother' forgiveness, where she learns Dana only got the necklace because she doesn't have anyone in her life like Cheryl has Jim.

However, Dana buys a beautiful and touching charm bracelet, going over the spending limit in the process, just to annoy Jim.

Cheryl ends up finding out that all her anniversary gifts over the past ten years were bought by Dana, so Jim buys a large TV as his own gift to her.

She is hurt that Jim doesn't listen to her or care about a cat that has been with her longer than anything in her current life.