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Fest dating - love dating and sex

As the Director of Matchmaking, she oversees every clients membership to make sure that they are all on track to finding love.

She likes to travel as often as possible, but she's always happy to return home to spend time with family and friends, read, and check out the various events Omaha has to offer.

His grandparents sold their signature Italian sausage at Di Russo’s Market, which was across the street from the festival until the store closed in 1970.

“Being from Lowellville, it’s like a gigantic family reunion,” Di Russo said.

The spectacle involves fireworks shot out of the tops of papier mache dolls. Villagers in Southern Italy used to burn dolls in effigy to symbolize purging their communities of last year’s tribulations.

After more than a century, Lowellville’s Mount Carmel is faithful to its roots.

Throughout her life, Lisa has been the go-to person for many family and friends who've needed advice, or someone to listen, so transitioning those skills to her professional life as a matchmaker and dating coach was natural.

Born and raised in Omaha, Lisa has a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication with an emphasis on Interpersonal Relationships.Prior to graduating, she completed a capstone research project on the impact of social media on romantic relationships.As someone who began dating when social media first became popular, she emphathizes with young daters, and the issues social media can bring to today's relationships.Courtney found herself in the professional dating industry when she was 23 years old, and shortly started Omaha Love after falling in love with helping people fall in love.She attributes much of her career success to her own past dating experiences, by relating to what her clients go through in the dating world and being able to empathize with them.“It hasn’t changed much, and that’s what we like about it,” Nolfi said.

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