Dating stratocaster pots

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Dating stratocaster pots - datingmail com

The first three digits represent the manufacturer, the next one or two represent the year, and the last two will be the week it was made.

Parts are often replaced and there are signs to look for which we’ll get more into in a later post.The first three digits refer to the manufacturer, CTS.The last four are broken up into pairs, where the first two, 78, stand for 1978 and the last two stand for the week, which is the 18th.Let’s say that you’ve dated a particular Gibson Les Paul Deluxe to be from 1972, and the pot code says 1378912.If all of your other evidence is pointing to 1972 then the guitar has had the pots changed.First four digits are paired up, 09 is the model number for the Stratocaster, and 00 is the neck configuration, in his case a fretted Maple neck with a Rosewood fingerboard. 38 is the week, 9 stands for the year, 1979, and 3 is the day of the week, which is Wednesday.

The '*' represents a middle digit that is either an 'X', a '-' or something that resembles a '1/2' or '1/4' fraction.

You spot a '79 in a local shop, or online, but how can you be certain it is a '79?

Some dealers simply go by the serial number, which you will discover can be far from accurate.

a three-digit code there are some with one, two or four digits.

The potentiometers must be original to the piece new solder, or a date code that is off by ten or more years is a good giveaway to spot replacement pots ; and the pot code only indicates when the potentiometer was manufactured!

This should never be the only method used, but quite often it can help back up evidence already acquired to date an instrument. First you need to get underneath, to the circular disc on the bottom of the shaft at the opposite end of the knob (which may, or may not, have to be removed depending on the instrument).

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