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In 2011, the Government launched another program named "Escuelas de Innovacion" (Schools of Innovation).The main goal is to guarantee students better access to education and technology.

A country can have access to technology but if the people do not understand how to use the technology than there is no difference between having it or not.

The main lapse of technology and information lies in the physical access realm of things, where it is lacking tremendously.

Though Internet in Colombia has made progress compared to recent years, the scholary part of how ICTs are used are still in question.

With this being said, government officials have made certain that access to ICTs be a priority in their country.

In addition to physical access, literature review and types of internet use have also been main points of focus in regards to a solution for digital divide in Colombia.

In Argentina, 48% of users preferred to use a smartphone or tablet to a computer, 29% used them equally, and 16% preferred a computer to a smartphone or tablet.

The quality of life in Argentina is among one of the highest in South and Latin America, according to Inter Nations.The children are well educated in school and are given numerous opportunities to pursue afterwards.The Government created a project named "Conectar Igualdad" (Connecting Equality) where they distribute netbooks to students and teachers in primary school, special needs schools, and state institutes.The older one is, the less likely they are to use Internet, and these statistics reflect that.The way that users are able to access the Internet can also show the status of Internet and how easily one can utilize it.There is a difference between material or physical access and actual use of ICTs.