Who is hosea chanchez dating

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Who is hosea chanchez dating

But because most white people believe every stereotype they will belivei not ours.secondly.I work with a white chick who also has 3 babydiaddies and guess what she was recently but on probation for taking her white and black baby daddies to court. Ijust hate that white chicks think they are better then black women because their low selfesttem boyfriends had some nappy headed fat mama who hated herself and indoctrinated her poor on into believing that all black women will be like her.

It is hilarious in a way but kind of sad, and the funny thing is, one comes to work with her skirt up her a** each day and hooker shoes, fake weave down her back and is dumb as a brick but gets mad because she is constantly passed over for a promotion, the other one has 3 kids by 3 different baby daddies and constantly talking about taking them to court, the other girl is cool but she is just not attractive.Swizz Beatz was seen arriving in his island jungle inspired pants."Beautiful Surprise" singer Tamia rocked a black Oscar de la Renta gown with a red Alexander Mc Queen jeweled clutch. Crooner Kenny Lattimore kept it cool in all white for the carpet. Lets look in to perspective here white women want to be like black woman.Now Kim want our black men so I guess black people must be doing something right for these white people to want them.Like the world isn't bad enough that we have white women coming and talking all the good black men.I am a black woman who come to work on time everyday. She wear these outfit too work that her breast is too large for where she is constantly having to pull her top up.

My manager who is white come to work between -am everyday. She spend most of the day handling her child support issue on the company dime. Im not sure if she can't find a store that sell her size because Im pretty sure everyone including me do not need to see the tattoo and stretch marks on her breasts.

And still hate her for having this ridiculous perfect and flawless skin. Of course she posed with her new husband De Von Franklin. Singers Michelle Williams and Letoya Luckett posed together. Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank announced their new TGT group and upcoming tour. Rick Ross kicked it with Jermaine Dupri outside the auditorium. This open leather vest though to reveal the non-bigness (well, not there at least) is killing me.

Mindless Behavior posed with Samuel Jackson and wife La Tanya. Host Samuel Jackson walked the carpet with wife La Tanya Richardson.

any way, most of the people on here supporting Kim K works for kim K??? Girl maybe you should re-read what you typed because nothing you said made sense. Secondly , lots of successful black men refuse to associate, date and marry black women based on the behavior that you are portraying on this site, confrontational, angry, rude, belligerent and full of hate.

" A white girl was put on probation for taking her baby daddies to court" huh. You just give off a negative attitude which is not appealing to anyone.

Model Toccara Jones a triple anomal print look that I think we're loving. Model Selita Ebanks was there in a sexy Falguni and Shane Peacock dress with Giuseppe Zanotti shoes & handbag. "The Game" star Hosea Chanchez rocked a royal blue suit.