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Normally I would email Dan first thing in the morning and he would email me at some point during his day and before he went to bed. But at times - well, honestly, we just didn't have a whole lot to chat about.Each week (most weeks) on Tuesday, we would send a Top 10 Thankful list to each other.

It also gave us something to share together that we normally wouldn't email about. Pepper, taco seasoning, nacho nights with the girls, fun dates with Dan, sweet coffee with friends. I love shows like Grey's Anatomy, Glee, and reality shows while Dan is ALL about shows like Lost, Psych, and Bones.

Now our goal is to publish our pictures together, side by side, to document our journey together, yet apart! You can check out our pictures on our flickr pages.

(links on the side) Every day we emailed back and forth. Africa and he could share about his job at QS1 and other things in our lives.

We did this through several notebooks - back and forth.

It's such a sweet reminder of what our days were like, what we were doing, sweet notes to one another, funny pics and drawings that we drew in them - just daily life- together, but apart.

As we've been apart, that's probably one of the biggest things I miss the most - random coffee dates together.

Before I left, I made sure to get Dan's Starbucks gift card number and pin number and every once in a while, when he's least expecting it, I recharge his card!He was thankful for yummy dinners with family, days off, cameras and flickr, coffee from starbucks, and other random things too! While we were apart one of the things that we did together was watch Lost.I wasn't so sure about this at first but decided to take one for the team and start watching Lost from the beginning. While we were apart, I watched all seasons up to the final season and then each week we would watch the new episode together. It was also a way that we counted down together - we knew when Lost ended, we didn't have much time left apart. We've had some pretty important days pass while we've been apart. For Dan's birthday this past year, I enlisted the help of one of his sisters and had a special delivery just for his special day.(blue...pronounced with a french accent) We had blue cheese smothered filet mignon with a side of garlic mashed potatoes. It was yummy to eat together at the same time, as if we were sitting together at a nice restaurant.He also made me a special Cd (not like the monthly cd's he would send) that had love songs and even a theme to it!I always rush to get the songs downloaded, added to my ipod, and listen away...