Erich gonzales and enchong dee dating

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Erich gonzales and enchong dee dating - who is anna torv dating 2016

Nando goes on to explain that he was stealing because he needed the money to buy medicine for his mother, who is in the hospital due to an accident.Luis Fernando refuses to believe him, and takes the boy to the police station, following his arrest.

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Unintentionally, she gives him to a woman by the name Agripina.María Hernández is a young, humble, uneducated dreamer, who lives with her godmother Cacilda on the outskirts of Mexico City and works as a picker of recyclable material in a landfill.On the day that María turns 15, her godmother dies, who on her deathbed, asks Father Honorio to find a place where her goddaughter can work and live.María decides to search for her lost son and leaves Luis Fernando with Tita almost every day.Simultaneously, Lupe hires Penélope, her goddaughter, to take care of Tita. She falls in love with Luis Fernando and they become lovers.María eventually discovers the truth and fires Penélope and files for a divorce from Luis Fernando. Fourteen years pass, and Fernando (Nando), now fourteen years old, works as a lottery vendor.

One night, Agripina has an accident and is admitted to a hospital.

Soraya Montenegro, the boastful and proud niece of Victoria, is in love with Luis Fernando and wants to marry him. María is slowly gaining the friendship and confidence of the residents and employees of the mansion, including Victoria, who changes her attitude towards María, Lupe, the housekeeper, and Vladimir and Vanessa, the younger children of the De la Vega family.

Soraya takes advantage of a drunk Luis Fernando, takes him to bed and brings a fake pregnancy test, which forces him to marry her, even though he loves María.

Luis Fernando, the eldest son of the De la Vega family, is dumped by his girlfriend Brenda, and swears not to become involved emotionally with women, but to toy with them.

He initially engages with María for this purpose, but ends up falling in love with her.

She becomes pregnant and finds support and friendship in Lupe, the housekeeper.

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