Erich gonzales and enchong dee dating

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Erich gonzales and enchong dee dating - monica belluci dating

She becomes pregnant and finds support and friendship in Lupe, the housekeeper.Unfortunately, during her pregnancy, she is plagued with bipolar disorder and fever.

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In a violent fight, Soraya tries to kill him and ends up falling from the window of an apartment and is presumed dead.This incident creates a misunderstanding, and he distances himself from his brother and his wife.Meanwhile, the rest of the De la Vega family moves temporarily to Spain, leaving María alone in the house.With are stellar performances are Ana Patricia Rojo, Sebastián Ligarde, Ariel López Padilla, Mauricio Aspe, Yuliana Peniche and leading actors Ricardo Blume, Irán Eory, Carmen Salinas, Meche Barba and René Muñoz.With the special participation of Aurora Molina and Manuel Saval.Maria is welcomed by businessman Fernando De la Vega, one of the most influential and richest men in the country.

He teaches María manners and welcomes her as a family member, although his wife Victoria and Carlota, one of the household's maids, despise María upon meeting her.

She is discharged with the baby and wanders mentally unbalanced in the streets with the baby in her arms.

Unintentionally, she gives him to a woman by the name Agripina.

Soraya Montenegro, the boastful and proud niece of Victoria, is in love with Luis Fernando and wants to marry him. María is slowly gaining the friendship and confidence of the residents and employees of the mansion, including Victoria, who changes her attitude towards María, Lupe, the housekeeper, and Vladimir and Vanessa, the younger children of the De la Vega family.

Soraya takes advantage of a drunk Luis Fernando, takes him to bed and brings a fake pregnancy test, which forces him to marry her, even though he loves María.

María eventually discovers the truth and fires Penélope and files for a divorce from Luis Fernando. Fourteen years pass, and Fernando (Nando), now fourteen years old, works as a lottery vendor.