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Seafarers Upgrading Program (SUP) is intended to provide OWWA member seafarers job-related training with training financial assistance ranging from a minimum of Php1, 200.00 to a maximum of Php7, 500.00 inclusive of meal and transportation allowances.

Bridging Program This is a scholarship grant offered to deserving graduates of BS Mechanical Engineering and BS Electrical Engineering who wish to pursue a BS Marine Engineering course with Php30,000.00 per semester.

As such, every member is entitled to insurance and Healthcare benefits, Education and Training Programs, Livelihood Support Fund Bridging Program and Livelihood Development Program.

Insurance and Healthcare benefit covers Life/Accident Insurance wherein a member is entitled to a Php100, 000.00 for the duration of his employment contract; Disability and Dismemberment Benefit which range from Php2, 000.00 to Php50, 000.00; Total Disability Benefit in case of total permanent disability a member is entitled to Php100, 000.00; and Burial Benefit Php20, 000.00 shall be provided in case of the member’s death.

Certain innovations achieved by a national operation may also may be included in this timeline, in cases where the Russian side played a major role in such projects. An electric tram, an earlier invention by Fyodor Pirotsky, drives between the pavilions featuring breakthrough designs by Vladimir Shukhov: the world's first steel tensile structures, gridshells, thin-shells and the first hyperboloid steel tower.

The exhibition demonstrated the first lightning detector and an early radio receiver of Alexander Popov, caterpillar tractor of Fyodor Blinov, the first Russian automobile, and other technical achievements.

Requirements for eligibility of availing any of the benefits provided for by the agency may it documentary and other requirements are comprehensively listed for easy access.

If you are not a member or your membership is about to expire, find time to review OWWA Membership for your guide.

= Education and Training Programs subject to a selection process and accreditation of participating institutionsis offered to an OFW OWWA member or his duly designated beneficiary.

Education for the Development Scholarship Program is a scholarship grant offered to qualified beneficiaries/dependents of OWWA member who intend to enroll in any 4 to 5-year baccalaureate course with Php30, 000.00 worth of financial assistance. Skills-for-Employment Scholarship Program is offered in coordination with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) to land-based or sea-based OWWA member or their dependents/beneficiaries with Php7, 250.00 and Php14, 500.00 financial assistance for six-month program and one-year program respectively.

Timeline of Russian Innovation encompasses key events in the history of technology in Russia, starting from the Early East Slavs and up to the Russian Federation.

Please note, that not all Early East Slavs were Russians and Kievan Rus' covered territory of modern Ukraine and (partly) Belorus and (much smaller) Russians. The entries in this timeline fall into the following categories: This timeline examines scientific and medical discoveries, products and technologies introduced by various peoples of Russia and its predecessor state, regardless of ethnicity, and also lists inventions by naturalized immigrant citizens.

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