Dating vanity fair underwear

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About 25 years ago a friend inadvertently introduced me to Vanity Fair's "Perfectly Yours" nylon panties. I truly love wearing these wonderful, silky, sexy panties! They fit great and are so soft and comfortable that it is hard to believe I am wearing panties.

The term may also refer to a lifestyle based on personal, family, or social nudism. It may be practiced individually, within a family, socially, or in public.I am allergic to some materials and these undies work very nicely for me. I was looking for a brief that was not just the same old pale pastel pink, white, nude or blue, but came in deep, rich colors that would give me all day comfort. These have a true waist and a thicker fabric that I like for winter wear and they wash beautifullly. According to my measurements and their size chart I should wear a 10(! I didn't believe that so got a size 9 and an 8.The 8 fits just right, not to tight, not too loose.The panty has a flexible, stretch fabric that fits comfortably to your body, so you can move freely and confidently all day long. I had bought some of these underwear over a year ago and have really liked them and been wanting to get some more.I like that they don't hurt around the legs or waist. I would love to have some with delicate botanical prints too, but I doubt I will ever see that again anymore than I will ever find beautifully printed bed linens again.I do remember the days before VF Lingerie was taken over by Fruit of the Loom that there was a wider variety of colors and both the Lace Nouveau and Ravissant briefs were available in lovely floral prints. Like you, I would love to see the Lace Nouveau panties in pink and other pastels.

The Vanity Fair IlluminationĀ® Brief is designed with shimmering fabrics and satin accents for a stunning look.

My only criticism would be that I would like to see these panties in the lovely floral prints of a few years ago or perhaps in the same lovely pink as the companion panty, the Ravissant style. These panties are available in most major department stores and I hope they are never discontinued. Thankfully I came to realize these fabulously feminine and comfortable panties are indeed appropriate to be worn all the time by everyone.

Whether you are a man or a woman, these panties fit and feel great! I first started wearing nylon panties, on special dress-up days, in my early teens. While the Ravissant is available in a wider variety of colors, the little lace insert makes the Lace Nouveau my favorite pantie of all time. I have worn Vanity Fair panties exclusively for many, many years and these panties are definitely one of my favorite styles.

We are both in agreement that wearing these panties 24X7 brings out the best in me.

I love the Vanity Fair line and we are planning to expand my Vanity Fair collection with their lovely slips and pettipants. #Obedient I have worn the Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau briefs for years and they are my favorite panties. The nylon fabric is buttery soft and always feels good.

The panties are full coverage and the waistband is covered in the same soft nylon so it is not scratchy or binding.