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Old aunty sex chat - Joan webcam sex

To which I agreed and said won't happen again and I told her that I am going out now will talk to her later on.Next day in noon time i made my point to go and see her.

I quickly got the keys and went up stairs Aruna was waiting for me and had smile on her face as always.

I pulled her cheeks and complimented that she was looking cute with all the colours on her.

I applied colours again on her and poured some water on her which made her body more visible.

I told her that since you are my girl friend I had to do it for you.

Aruna aunty said I did not say yes to you the other day dear but now I am your girl friend.

She did not believe me that I had no girlfriend, to this I told her Aruna aunty why not you be my girlfriend with a smile and I was lucky that day she said ok let me think over it and gave me naughty smile.

I was thing at back of my mind wow i told her to be my girlfriend, what if she really becomes mine.I use to be full time occupied with my college work or hanging around with my friends and off late was not able to see Aruna aunty.One evening it so happened that I was about to move out to meet my friends, my door bell rang when I opened the door I saw Aruna aunty standing in front of me.She opened the door for me & had big smile on her face. Aruna aunty normally use to wear Salwar kameez, at times she used to be in her gown once she was done with her cooking she made lime juice for me and herself which we had while taking sitting in the living room. I told her that I was at Pimpri road (river face road in Pune a posh area where many people come for walks and lots of couple sitting on rocks or behind bushes and having a good time the minute I told her that I could see a cute smile on her face.She straight away asked me oh so you were with your Girlfriend huh? I told her no aunty nothing like that and first of all I do not have a girlfriend so no question of having fun.Days passed by we were getting along good and friendly sometimes even use to talk double meaning thing indirectly which gave me some hope of my dreams coming true.