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However, certain information has been brought to my attention which I must investigate. What was obviously a black and white view from a video camera appeared on the screen with a time date stamp of three weeks ago. Sure enough, there was a recording of me leaving the building with a institute disposal bag in my hand. ” Confused and alarmed, the receptionist obediently scurried to the couch and sat down. Why are you talking like that to me, I’ve never heard you speak like that before.” “Well that’s because I never realized what a stupid worthless cunt you were before”, said the doctor as she moved to tower over Mindy. I don’t want any more of your back talk and from now on, you’re going to do what I say! With all her strength the young red head tried to squeeze them shut, but Samantha seemed to hardly notice as her tongue and mouth found her pussy and began to lick, suck and bite. Mindy had no interest in women and this entire scene was totally repugnant to her. With immense surprise, she realized that her cunt was beginning to drip with arousal and Samantha’s ...

actor Anthony] Rapp is publicly alleging for the first time that in 1986, [Kevin] Spacey befriended Rapp while they both performed on Broadway shows, invited Rapp over to his apartment for a party, and, at the end of the night, picked Rapp up, placed him on his bed, and climbed on top of him, making a sexual advance. But as Spacey’s star began to rise through the 1990s and 2000s — including a Tony Award, two Oscars, a decadelong run as the creative director of the Old Vic theater in London, and six seasons and counting on the hit Netflix series — Rapp’s frustration, anger, and incredulity with the sexual boundary he said Spacey crossed with him grew as well. “I still to this day can’t wrap my head around so many aspects of it. After apologizing for the alleged incident — “if I did behave as he describes, I owe him the sincerest apology for what would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behavior,” Spacey, 58, wrote — the star came out as gay.Unfortunately, destiny had intervened and I had inadvertently taken the items home. It would be impossible to make her understand what was happening, at least until it was too late to save her. I’m afraid I have no choice but to discharge you and bring your activities to the attention of the authorities. I tried, I tried with every ounce of will at my disposal but it was no use, I simply couldn’t stop it any longer. Doctor Richards appeared to be initially unaware of what was happening to her as she struggled to command her arm to pick up the phone. Samantha Richards punched her intercom button and said “Mindy, would you come in here for a moment? “You were just shouting so loudly that I was concerned .. One of her hands was buried deep in her pants obviously rubbing her clit while the other was gently massaging her tits. What can I do to get us both out of this in one piece? Richards’s keen eye had already made the connection and the shocked look on her face confirmed my suspicion. I will also require you to hand over to me the items you currently have in your possession.” Oh no! As useless as it was for me to resist, I still had to try. Richards fault, she didn’t deserve what was sure to happen to her it I couldn’t control myself. Something terrible will happen if you try, please believe me!! An invisible bolt of force leapt between me and the doctor leaving me drained but with a growing helpless arousal. Richards stopped with her hands outstretched, not quite reaching her phone as she stared in me in amazement. But after a few moments she began to notice that something was wrong as she stared at her hands, arms and chest with unbelieving horror and shock. ” “My my my Doctor Richards, what a foul and dirty mouth you have!! ” A moment later, Mindy poked her head into the office with a look of obvious concern on her face. Cheryl locked eyes with the young redhead and with a husky voice said “Isn’t a woman’s tongue up your snatch just so much better than a man’s cock Mindy? Once your tongue touches their twat, they may struggle, but they’ll be yours my big strong cunt slave dyke! ” Samantha wanted to resist her young intern’s summons, wanted to wake up and find that all of this was just some horrible nightmare but . Then the gorgeous brunette bent down and in a sad but aroused voice said. I know you never planned to be a dyke but at least now you’re going to be one of the hottest and most persuasive around. Dyke, now you’ll be able to break even the most innocent and resolute of women for me. Dyke raised her head from between her wavering victim’s legs. “All right you nasty little cunt what do you want to do, do you want me to stop, do you want to go back to you’re miserable little fucking desk?

But still, maybe there was a chance, it she could just resist for a few moments and if Mindy could just get away, maybe ....

What they really were would be hard to explain to the Doctor. Hopefully this meeting would not turn into another “learning experience”. “I’m sorry Samantha, I tried to warn you but the necklace isn’t going to allow itself to be with anyone other than me. With awe I watched as the doctors muscle mass began to grow and slowly replace what had been an extremely feminine form with a more masculine shape. It’s what you want, what you desire more than anything else, isn’t it?!!! “Well, it’s not my style Samantha but, if it’s really what you want, I guess it’s Ok.” “So you don’t fucking like how I look?!! Mindy tried to scream for Cheryl to help her, but the sound caught in her throat as she looked at the young intern.

On that fateful day, three weeks ago, I had been tasked with taking the valuable forgeries to “disposal” so that they could be destroyed and the materials used for various restoration projects. Richard’s standpoint, this would be a matter of simple theft. It’s very obvious that you have been part of an illegal scheme to steal valuable and potentially harmful historical forgeries from the museum. Well, that settles it” she said as she reached for the phone. It’s decided to stop you and I can’t do anything to help you anymore.” “What rubbish is this! Next, the older blonde’s breasts began to grow and firm until they were quite large, upright and solid. ” Trembling, the woman who had once been the kind Dr. Come on in and close the door behind you.” said Samantha warming to the role and driven by her newly found sexual need. The stunning brunette was standing still watching what was occurring in rapt attention. it must be fucking unbelievable to submit to a powerful Dyke like Samantha, don’t you think?

“Alright, from now on bitch you’ll answer to the name of “Nasty Cunt” when we’re in private and you will call me Doctor or Doctor Dyke. It was her first fucking by a woman and it was absolutely fucking incredible!!! Looking back Samantha could see a substantial sliver ankle bracelet of an intricate silver weave construction attached to her ankle. But incredibly, it seemed to give her even more power to dominate than she had mere moments before, it was almost as if her body had been supercharged with some type of energy, energy enough to fuck Mindy and then a thousand just like her.

She just had to have this sweet young thing between her legs. As soon as her dripping twat was in place, Nasty Cunt began to quickly and expertly lash her snatch with talented motions of her tongue and mouth while her fingers began to viciously ream her virgin ass. Oh Yess that’s it Nasty Cunt, YEAH that’s it you sweet little worthless whore. ” Cheryl knelt down and unexpectedly slipped something cold and metallic onto her ankle. ” and with a roar of lust, both newly minted lesbians came with more force than they had ever believed possible, soaking the couch with their cum. I expect you to be at work tomorrow with appropriate toys for playtime.

I had always been attractive, even before, but now? With another deft motion, the young woman’s panties and nylons were likewise disposed of.