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As I awoke it felt as if a freight train was actually traveling through my head. ‘Too much wine last night’ was the main thought going through my mind. I sat there staring into space for a while, the reality not really hitting home.Of course, without all that wine, I probably would not have experienced one of the best nights of my life. Looking miserable, he sat back down on the porch swing. As I stood up and walked into my now “empty” house, overwhelming pain seized me along with denial. ” I had started the fire and drank from the bottle as I stared into the flames.


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She took one look at my face and dropped to her knees, pulling me close to her.“What’s wrong, sweetie?

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Despite the freight train rattling around in my head, I smiled as I closed my eyes and relived what had happened just a few hours ago. When I came home from work yesterday, Josh, my boyfriend of 10 months, was sitting on my porch waiting for me. Giving him a moment to compose himself, I joined him on the swing.“Baby, you know I love you. I looked around and some of the memories of our relationship began to relive themselves in my imagination. I went inside and grabbed a bottle of wine from the fridge. I must have sat there for hours, ignoring everything but the sweet warm liquid as it erased my pain and reduced the anger temporarily.

I ran up to him and tried to give him a kiss, but he pushed me away and told me we had to talk. This is really hard for me to tell you this.”He took my hand in his. My thoughts went to his grandmother, who we both loved with all of our hearts. I laughed ironically, remembering that we had bought this bottle together, planning on toasting mushy sentiments to each other in front of the fireplace one evening. I felt a tap on my shoulder and dropped the bottle.

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