Alice eve and jay baruchel dating

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‘He feels that – she’s so lovely, how can he get her? This sort of persistent adulation could go to a girl’s head. Although she has the innate confidence of a beautiful being, she tells me with glee how she went to the website for She’s Out of My League and subjected herself to the online ‘How hot are you?’ questionnaire that’s part of the movie’s marketing campaign.

I told him he needs to work hard, but he lives his own life – he doesn’t mind listening but he still does what he wants. But I’m still going out.” And then we sat down and watched Four Weddings and a Funeral.’That’s the thing about Alice Eve – one minute she’s quoting Auden (an unprintable remark about journalists, just to keep me on my toes), the next she’s saying that her favourite films are romantic comedies (she claims that How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days – a pretty sappy romcom by most people’s standards – is her favourite film). ‘In London you can invent a style of your own – like Alexa Chung, say. ‘I’m not the classic Hollywood shape.’ She gives herself a hearty slap on the bum. ” Her response: “Pasta, pasta, pasta.” Then, you ate food for your figure.

Then again, that repeated casting does suggest one potential pitfall. I have a very animated face, I bounce a lot, I am an animated person, I suit my hair – so what do I do? I don’t want to fight to be taken seriously.’So which is it: Oxford-educated, A-level laden feminist (‘I was like a fanatic at Oxford – that was a reaction against something.

She happens to fit a particular stereotype – the buxom blonde. Jeanette Winterson calls it a sexist little dump’); first filter for her boyfriend’s poetry; or the self-styled flibbertigibbet who says her three icons are Barbie, Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot? I love to hang out with boys – I’ve got brothers – but I’m a girl’s girl, in all the ways you can be girlie.

’OK, but does the blonde bombshell with the stage and screen pedigree have a brain? Make that four A grades at A-level and a degree in English from St Catherine’s College Oxford. She’s had an unfair advantage, of course – she lived in Los Angeles from the age of two to five and again from nine to 13 while her dad was based there.

‘Everyone’s parents were famous actors at my school, pretty much!

She’s wearing a felt fedora and a beige trench coat which, were it not for vertiginous heels, would make her look a bit like a private eye in a 1950s film noir.

But if her look is designed to avoid attention, it does the opposite.She can reveal virtually nothing of the film’s plot, but what she does say is telling: ‘I play the young nanny and these are married women and sometimes the nanny can pose a threat.’In other words, Alice’s character in SATC2 is another head-turner to make Charlotte, Carrie and co jealous.And all this on top of She’s Out of My League, a movie in which she is cast as the apogee of female perfection, a girl so far beyond the hopes of another nerdy guy, played by Jay Baruchel, that of course they end up together.Jay Baruchel is one of the most fun interviews I've ever done. Oh, Cat Fancy, Soldier of Fortune and The Hockey News. For me it was my chance to be, albeit a lamer verison of him, to be my version of Lloyd Dobler.The star of this weekend's She's Out Of My League has made a career of playing out-there geeks or insecure leading men, but the actor himself is basically fearless, tossing out f-bombs, telling the story behind all of his tattoos, and doing a spot-on imitation of Nicolas Cage for a crowd of journalists to get something other than the same old interview. The moments are a lot broader in this than they are in Say Anything and all that stuff, [but] this owes more to that than it does to anything in the past 10 years. There's nothing not challenging about having a dog licking fucking beef pate off your crotch for twelve hours.But in America, for an actress especially, it’s a bit more contrived: unless you’re Chloë Sevigny, you’ve just got to toe the line a bit more. Now, it’s, “Starving, starving, starving.” We really are around at the wrong time!