Predating invoices

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Over a period of months, we have erroneously charged the wrong amount to a customer. In the event of a dispute as to whether the supplier’s or the customer’s terms of trade are relevant to a contract, who is right?

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VAT is not added to the compensation charge or on the interest.What type of firms can I apply the late payment legislation to? Can I claim compensation for debt recovery costs and VAT, as well as late payment interest?What if a customer has more than one overdue invoice? How do I deal with collecting late payment interest when the invoice has been partially settled? Can I still claim late payment interest and compensation? What wording should I use on invoices to display my intention to charge interest if I am paid late?If your claim for interest remains unpaid, then you need to contact the customer again to chase, explaining that interest is continuing to accrue.Back to top The right to compensation for debt recovery costs was introduced for contracts dated on or after 7th August 2002.The legal status of the business you are seeking to claim interest from is irrelevant.

Therefore it can be a sole proprietor, partnership or limited liability company.This can be claimed alongside the statutory late payment interest.Businesses are entitled to claim compensation when a debt remains unpaid after the date specified on the contract, or in the absence of a contract, 30 days after the delivery of the goods or service.Please also note that businesses with their own contract terms for late payment interest forfeit their right to use the late payment legislation.UPDATE: In March 2013, the revised legislation entitles creditors to claim further recovery costs on top of the interest and compensation.It is advisable that you think carefully before deciding to pursue the debt through the court and that you avoid issuing threats that you do not intend to act upon.