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'It just goes to show that people have no idea what others are going through just because they 'look fine' it doesn't mean that they are.'Amy-Louise Archer said she was 'so glad' she'd read Amber's post, explaining: 'I feel exact the same with my anxiety and fed up with people saying "you'll be fine, get over it." Well said Amber!

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Vogue, American Playboy, German Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, etc..) I was a Sports Illustrated wwimwear model – that was a huge credit for me! Confidential, American Beauty, Howard Stern’s Private Parts to name a few. I was always working and had a hefty prescription painkiller habit to boot.

In 2009, Smith posted an ad in search of a leading lady for his "Don't Listen to the Radio" video.“No one knew who I was, so we had to go to Craigslist and say, ‘Country singer looking for female girlfriend for music video role'," Smith recalls.

But his self-proclaimed creepiness doesn't stop there.“This is where it gets shady again," he continues.

Six years later I became a so-called "over-night success".

I spent many years overseas broke and lonely – they call it "paying your dues"- before I finally hit.

I have the best family and friends around me and I am thankful everyday that they have the patience to help and support me.

Amber said she wanted to demonstrate that appearances can be deceiving, explaining that her selfie was an example of 'What I showcase to the world via social media.

That's when he logged on to Facebook.“That night, literally, on Facebook I see that little section that says, ‘Someone you may know’ and I see her picture and I was like, ‘That girl.

Whoever that is, that’s who should be in the video.’”He messaged Amber, and luckily, she was in.

Dressed up, make up done, filters galore''This is why I can't stress enough that it costs nothing to be nice to others.

Don't bully others, don't put others down and the hardest one of them all (as we have all done it at some point) don't judge another person.

Granger Smith is a happily married man today, but he admits he was kind of a "creep" in approaching his now-wife about getting together.

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