Rubidium strontium dating formula

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Anorthosite: An igneous rock made up almost entirely of plagioclase feldspar. ANSMET: (The Antarctic Search for Meteorites) An exploration program to collect meteorites in Antarctica supported by grants from the Office of Polar Programs of the U. [ ANSMET website ] Antenna: A conductor by which electromagnetic waves are transmitted or received.

Agglutinates are typically tens of micrometers to a few millimeters in size.After formation, bodies are said to have "accreted" from small objects.Achondrite: A class of stony meteorites that crystallized from magmas. AGB stars: Cool, luminous, and pulsating red giant stars.Apparition: An appearance; in astronomy, the period of observation of a returning periodic comet.Argument of perihelion: Angle along the orbit of a planet or other Solar System object as measured from the ascending node (analogous to right ascension and longitude). Asteroid: A small, mostly rocky body orbiting the Sun.'A'a: Blocky, angular, and rough type of lava flow.

Accretion: The growth of planetary bodies from smaller objects by impact, one impact at a time.

For example, on the Earth the antipode of Hawaii is Botswana.

The term is used commonly in lunar geology to describe locations on the Moon in relation to impact basins.

Most stars in the Universe that have left the main sequence will reach their final evolutionary stage as stars on the asymptotic giant branch (AGB).

Agglutinates: Common particle type in lunar regolith; agglutinates consist of small rock, mineral, and glass fragments bonded together with glass—a glass that is formed by flash heating when micrometeorite impacts melt the lunar regolith.

Principal asteroids are: 1 Ceres (a dwarf planet), 2 Pallas, 3 Juno, and 4 Vesta.

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