Org opensaml xml validation validatingxmlobject

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Org opensaml xml validation validatingxmlobject

The secret might take the form of a code, in which the parties to the exchange have an agreed-upon set of substitutions for phrases or actions.

One of the main benefits of SOAP compared to simpler forms of data exchange is that it allows for modular extensions.

The secret could even take other forms, such as a language unknown to other parties who might have access to the messages.

The shared secret made the message exchange secure.

— but it serves well as a way of verifying message authenticity.

Someone who receives an encrypted message that's purportedly from you can use your public key to decrypt the message and compare it with some expected value.

With such a hash function, you can generate the hash value (generally called a in security discussions) for the message you want to sign, then encrypt that digest using your private key and send the encrypted digest value with the message.

Anyone receiving the message can use the same hash algorithm on that message, then decrypt the supplied encrypted digest using your public key and compare the two values.

In this article, you'll see how to do this using Axis2 and the Rampart WS-Security extension.

But first, I'll give you a quick rundown of the principles of public-key cryptography — the basis for most of WS-Security's encrypting and signing features.

When your public key is used to encrypt a message, only you (as the holder of the private key) can decrypt that message.

This ensures confidentiality, one of the three aspects of secure message exchange.

You need some way of establishing the expected value for the decrypted message, for one thing.

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