The horrors of online dating services

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The horrors of online dating services - Free sex chat no signing up or no cost

We strongly recommend, however, that if you think you’ve been victimized by a dating scam or any other online scam, file a complaint with our Internet Crime Complaint Center (

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The profiles were fake as well, carefully crafted to match your interests.

There will be more hardships that only you can help alleviate with your financial gifts.

He may also send you checks to cash since he’s out of the country and can’t cash them himself, or he may ask you to forward him a package. You were targeted by criminals, probably based on personal information you uploaded on dating or social media sites.

In addition to losing your money to someone who had no intention of ever visiting you, you may also have unknowingly taken part in a money laundering scheme by cashing phony checks and sending the money overseas and by shipping stolen merchandise (the forwarded package).

In another recently reported dating extortion scam, victims usually met someone on an online dating site and then were asked to move the conversation to a particular social networking site, where the talk often turned intimate.

The California pornography industry is a destructive, drug infested, abusive and sexually diseased industry which causes severe negative secondary effects on female and male adult industry workers as well as the general public.

I am confident of the above because not only was I a stripper, pornographic performer and escort in the California pornography industry from 1986 to 1994, but I have also counseled with or spoken to over 300 female and male workers in the pornography industry as well as those struggling with pornography addiction.

Shelley, an ex-porn star, is the founder and president of The Pink Cross Foundation.

Through the Pink Cross, Shelley is a missionary to the sex industry, reaching out to adult industry workers offering emotional, financial, and transitional support for those who want out of porn.

The most recent HIV outbreak occurred when three performers who had been compliant with monthly screening contracted HIV in April of 2004.

At that time, a male performer who had tested HIV negative only three days earlier infected three of 14 female performers.

She also provides help for those struggling with pornography and victims of pornography.

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