Understanding the accommodating intraocular lens

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Understanding the accommodating intraocular lens - asian caucasian dating female male

groups considerably from my Hyskore rest, but my right eye created a vertical double image after a few seconds of holding Po A.

understanding the accommodating intraocular lens-37

than type in what I've learned at the Eye Hospital, I'll just post a link to one of the websites that covers most of what's good and bad about multi-focal IOL's compared to a standard single-focus IOL.

I was shooting with my dominant left eye but the target was getting blurry after a few seconds of holding Po A.

My cataracts are only 20% of my aging vision deterioration, lucky for me.

If anyone has had cataract surgery and your vision is foggy or not as clear afterwards, there may just be cloudiness in your capsule that holds the lens implant in place.

So dont just assume that's how your vision will be.

I feel like I have some idea now of what I may want. To remove the old lens with cataract, and put a new lens into the eye, the surgeon needs to make openings in the front of the eye.

My distant vision is very good now, as I just deal with presbyopia. Two pair I use for shooting (one for irons and the other for dots). Doctors can do that manually, or it can be done very precisely with a laser. I just tried to find a doctor with the latest equipment and a history of extensive use with it.

I see it as a choice between convenience and quality.

For the best vision, single-focus is best, but it means also wearing glasses.

The accommodating lens do most of it, but the doctor said they wouldn't do 100%. I can read the small print on the menu in poor light, drive at night, and shoot iron and dot sights. I did get some floaters initially, but the doctor "zapped" most of them with a follow up procedure. The doctor I used had done "a lot" of these, and was very helpful in deciding the precise approach to take.

Now, using both eyes, I can see close and fa with no correction needed. Cost was ,000 in Southern California, Medicare paid half (i.e. (Oh, I am 69)Thanks for all the the good information. A shooting buddy said that when he got his cataracts taken care of that the eye doctor used a laser. Maybe he was mistaken, but he raves about his vision and he is shooting very well with the "new eyes".

However, we believe that there’s even more to great patient service—as members of your community, the doctors and staff at So Cal Eye are also dedicated to giving you the best in compassionate personal eye care.

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