Elisabeth rose harnois dating

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Elisabeth rose harnois dating

In May 2011, Harnois guest-starred in the long-running CBS police procedural drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in Season 11, episode 21, called "Cello and Goodbye", as Morgan Brody, a CSI from the L. She won the same award in 1993 for Outstanding Performer in a Children's Program for Adventures in Wonderland (1992). In September that same year, Harnois began starring on the show starting with the Season 12 premiere, called "73 Seconds", wherein her character transfers to the Las Vegas Crime Lab.

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Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and a total fantasy I was speed walking back to my hotel in Atlanta trying to get out of the rain and wind.

That all changed quickly as the elevator shook and came to a stop with all the lights went out except for the emergency power lights. I told her I had spent the last week in Miami and I had decided to make a pit stop in Atlanta to visit a friend, a friend I was riding up the elevator to see. What I didn’t tell Emma was that the friend was Natalie Alyn Lind, who was finishing shooting the first season of The Gifted, and who yesterday had my cock wedged up her pussy before the limo she had picked me up in had even made it off the airport property.

Emma had put her hand on my chest to steady herself as the elevator shook, but she quickly pulled it back after a few moments of no movement. Emma could sense my hesitance to go into specific details, and so she of course pressed me harder fo answers.

When I finally got to the hotel with my large pepperoni pizza in on hand and a bag with some sodas and waters in the other, my pants and sweatshirt were pretty wet though thankfully not totally soaked through. I was mildly surprised that the woman actually did hold the elevator, and was even more surprised when I saw who it was holding the door open. I reached over and pressed the button for the floor a few stops before hers.

I headed straight for the elevators and as I approached I saw a brunette of medium height wearing tight jeans, a black lightweight coat and black ankle boots, step onto the elevator pulling her two suitcases behind her. “Gotta admit I’m a little surprised I’m running into you here in Atlanta and not LA” I said trying to strike up a conversation with the Harry Potter star. ” “Normally yes, but the storm knocked out the power and our backup generators aren’t working so the hotel on emergency power only.” “I guess that means we’re pretty much fucked in here then? We’re trying to get the power back and we’ll try and find someone to get you out of there, but you both might be stuck in there for quite a while.” “Bollocks.” I heard Emma cuss behind me.

She then texted me back a picture of her with a sad face and also a message that because of the storm they had to change the show’s shooting schedule and she now needs to leave in and hour or two.

As I was reading the message Emma reached over and yanked my phone from my hands. She is cute, though a little young for you don’t you think?I knew before even taking out my phone that it was Natalie asking where I was.I texted back that I was stuck in the elevator and that they were not sure when I would get out.A storm had moved in and was quickly building in force.Had I known it was going to get this nasty this quickly I wouldn’t have walked to get the pizza I ordered. Wow, thanks.” “No problem.” She said with a smile as she let the doors closed a pressed the button for her floor.She is not only famous for her exceptional acting skills but for her everlasting beauty. Apparently, the actress keeps her personal life under wraps.

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