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If this Court does not 23 grant the petition, Theresa Schiavo's body will be 24 maintained in this condition, perhaps for decades, 25 and there is--no-victory or win in that for anyone. She meets Michael in 5 community college in the in 1986. Don't ever keep 8 her alive on anything artificial.

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The 8 major issue in this case is what Terri's intent 9 was. 11 Schiavo and his brother and sister-in-law as to 12 conversations Theresa Schiavo had with them in 13 which she stated that if she had to be dependent 14 on the care of others, she would not want to live 15 that way. Also, if she was 16 in that condition, she would not want to be kept 17 alive or maintained artificially. 10 A Years prior, her uncle was in a severe 11 car accident. 18 When he came out of his comma, he was 19 pretty much severely handicapped. 6 You will also receive testimony, Your 7 Honor, from some experts. One will be an expert 8 witness testifying as to the doctrine and policies 9 of the Catholic church regarding artificial life 10 support. 11 Q Did Terri have any close friends in 12 particular in the given her 5 grandmother's condition? Her wishes were 18 not contingent upon being totally unconscious or 19 vegetative, but broadly expressed in that way. He was depressed because his wife 12 and child were killed in a car accident. So 20 although there may be dispute in this case as to 21 whether Theresa has some awareness of her 22 surroundings, minimal awareness, it really is a 23 non issue in terms of her expression of intent. They 13 were hit by a train coming home from the mall. 2 You will hear disputed evidence as to 3 the cognition of Theresa Schiavo. " She says, "If I ever have to be a burden 2 to anybody, I don't want to live like that." 3 Q You made reference -- did you say 4 anything in response 'Co that? 3 A Her uncle had paralyzed -- I believe his 4 right arm was paralyzed, I believe.

I am sure you 4 will hear evidence by the respondent that they 5 believe Theresa is aware of their presence. 22 She says, "I'm kind of concerned about leaving." 23 I told her, "Your mom said to go." She says, 24 "Well, I'm concerned about my grandmother. 5 A I told her that -- I told her that she 6 should remember that for me, too.

6 There will be testimony that three years 7 after Theresa's incident, yes, Mr. 15 You will hear testimony that it's always 16 been the respondents' wish for Mr. You will hear testimony regarding the 20 Schindlers' beliefs concerning medical treatment 21 and their wishes concerning Terri. You will hear testimony that they 4 would choose chemotherapy. 11 Q Before you met -- when you met Terri, 12 what was her weight? 14 Q Before you met Terri, had she been 15 heavier? 19 A Terri lost weight throughout the course 20 of our marriage.

Schiavo did 8 have a relationship and is in a relationship 9 currently. They would choose, if 5 they developed gangrene, they would choose to have 6 their limbs amputated to remain in a permanent 7 vegetative condition.

24 There may be some evidence that while 25 Theresa was living with her parents, she may have 9 1 made comments about the Karen Ann Quinlan case. 10 Q Do you know why she decided to take the 11 trip? 13 Q Did the subject of Terri's grandmother 14 -- by the way, did you fly, drive, or take the 15 train? 17 Q Did the subject of Terri's grandmother 18 come up at all during that train trip? He 14 became, as what Terri says, severely depressed.

2 We believe that the Court will not find that 3 evidence particularly credible, and certainly if 4 it is, contrary to her later statements, would 5 have been a change of position for Theresa.

25 You will also hear in this trial 10 1 testimony regarding the relationship between the 2 parties, the petitioner and respondents, which was 3 a good relationship and a supportive relationship 4 until the malpractice award was given in this 5 case. FELOS: Your Honor, we move to 19 introduce these photos into evidence. 5 A The bottom picture here was Terri at a 6 younger age. To 7 the right of her, far right, is her sister, 8 Suzanne. To the right of that, that is a 25 picture at Disney-World.