Consolidating debt mortgage mortgage refinance

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Consolidating debt mortgage mortgage refinance

We invite homeowners to shop and compare debt consolidation rates.We say that because we are so confident that at the end of the day you will choose our lenders for a consolidating debt with one of our home equity loans or consolidation mortgage options.

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Consolidating your debt by refinancing is simply moving all your debt into one place: your mortgage.

Talk to one of our home loan experts or call us at (941) 405-1412 to see if this form of home loan refinancing is right for you.

Guaranteed Rate is in the business of saving our customers money on their home loans.

It is imperative that you consolidate debt with fixed mortgage rates are so low.

There are several debt consolidation mortgage programs that enable you to eliminate credit card debt, adjustable rate credit lines and more.

This allows you to pay off those debts more quickly while still paying down your regular mortgage over a longer period of time, without combining the two.

The downside of using a mortgage for debt consolidation is that you're putting your home on the line.

To see how much you can afford, check out our mortgage calculator.

Underwriting standards have become more stringent over the past few years on cash-out refinancings.

Third, interest paid on mortgage debt, even from a debt consolidation, is tax-deductible up to certain limits – so that can save you money as well.

A Mortgage Debt Consolidation Loan can be one of two types: a home equity loan/line of credit, or a cash-out refinance.

Some people may be surprised to learn that a home equity loan is considered a mortgage – they usually consider that to be a loan used to pay for the home itself – but any loan that is secured by residential real estate is considered a mortgage. A cash-out refinance allows you to consolidate all your debt into a single loan and usually offers the best mortgage rates and the longest repayment periods, up to 30 years.

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