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"There were these old, English wood-carved chairs that were very stately, but they were piled on top of each other with spider webs and dirt and crud.

TANIKA'S CROWNING DESIGN MOMENT Ray, a self-professed "project chica," believes that small details are what really transform a space.

But now that I’m a mom, I feel even closer to my ultimate goal than ever before.

My daughter inspires me everyday to adopt what I’ve learned along this journey and to keep moving forward, fiercely focused on what’s NEXT!!

" and CW Network's pop culture series "CW Now," she's finding pleasure in a different kind of red carpet -- the Persian-style one in her Los Angeles home.

"I am a total, utter design geek," Ray says, describing how her latest project and passion came to pass, when she was brought in by HGTV to host its reality competition "Design Star" and makeover show "HGTV'd." Although interviewing celebrities gave her close proximity to many creative types, Ray says she knew she needed to do something more creative herself one day.

My journey has been filled with dance, acting, hosting, producing, moderating and most of all rich in adventure.

…I’ve learned that Life isn’t only about reaching the dream, but also about each chapter that inches us closer to our goal.

The on-air changes are part of a fresh evolution for the series with more live elements showcasing the hosts personalities and points of view.

The ensemble will share their take on the most talked about headlines of the day.

It's cheap and easy, it's in my sanctuary and I found that I was gaining so much emotionally and mentally from redecorating my space," she says.

Ray also frequents local antique stores and rummage sales, where she found a set of chairs that would become her proudest design moment to date.

Viewers will also get unprecedented access to the show with a unique behind the scenes look at the hosts allowing them to get to know them and the day-to-day operation of the show.

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