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It's doubtful an actual donkey would strike out as much as slugging first baseman Adam Dunn does on a routine basis. While leading the Texas Tech Red Raiders to winning seasons in every year of his tenure, head coach Mike Leach began garnering attention for both his craziness and his brilliance.

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That was until former teammate Bill Selby meshed the terms into "Pronk". Meaning "The Kid" in English, El Nino is almost as legendary as Willie Mays being called "The Say Hey Kid."Even at 28 years old, Spanish sensation Fernando Torres still looks like an awkward 11-year-old.The name, found tattooed on his arm and stitched on his shoes, refers to "standing tall and talented."Like the cartoon counterpart he has painted on the back of his helmet, goaltender Peter Budaj is an openly devout Christian who clearly respects the man, the legend Ned Flanders.Let's see which goalie upstages him with a painting of Groundskeeper Willie.Boxers are among the most colorful athletes in all of sports.It should come as no surprise that they also have the best nicknames.At 5'7", Maurice Jones-Drew can certainly fit in most regular-sized pockets.

But with a weight of nearly 210 pounds, the muscular Jacksonville tailback can also truck most ferocious defenders. With one of the greatest crossovers ever seen on the hardwood, Allen Iverson won four scoring titles and cemented himself in basketball record books forever.

Many have attempted to find the origin of Matt Kemp's sturdy nickname, but like the mammal he is referenced to, Kemp is as bruising as they come.

Powerful and fast, Kemp is a regal presence on the diamond.

Once known as Agent Zero in reference to his jersey number (although he's now No.

10), Gilbert Arenas then adopted the nickname Hibachi because of his sizzling shot.

Thankfully, the athletic realm has always been stocked with innovative minds who spend countless hours jotting down potential monikers for those athletes in need.

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