Fast sex dates

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Fast sex dates

At his own request, the injured Nobody is left behind to be evacuated by helicopter while Brian and Dom continue without him.To reduce their disadvantage, the crew returns to Los Angeles to fight Shaw, Jakande and his men.

Brian begins to accustom himself to life as a father, while Dom tries to help Letty Ortiz regain her memory.Dom later learns from his sister Mia that she is pregnant again and convinces her to tell Brian.However, a bomb, disguised in a package sent from Tokyo, explodes and destroys the Toretto house just seconds after Han, a member of Dom's team, is killed by Shaw in Tokyo.Back at Han's funeral in Los Angeles, Dom notices a car observing them, and after a chase, confronts its driver, who is revealed to be Shaw.Both prepare to fight, but Shaw flees when a covert ops team arrives and opens fire, led by Mr. Nobody says that he will assist Dom in stopping Shaw if he helps him obtain God's Eye, a computer program that uses digital devices to track down a person, and save its creator, a hacker named Ramsey, from a mercenary named Mose Jakande.On October 21, 2011, the Los Angeles Times reported that Universal Studios was considering filming two sequels—Fast Six and Fast Seven—back-to-back with a single storyline running through both films.

Both would be written by Chris Morgan and directed by Justin Lin, who had been the franchise's writer and director, respectively, since The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006).

Dom later visits Hobbs in a hospital, where he learns that Shaw is a rogue special forces assassin seeking to avenge his brother.

Dom then travels to Tokyo to claim Han's body, and meets and races Sean Boswell, a friend of Han's who gives him personal items found at Han's crash site.

On December 20, 2011, following the release of Fast Five, Vin Diesel stated that Fast Six would be split into two parts, with writing for the two films occurring simultaneously.

On the decision, Diesel said: We have to pay off this story, we have to service all of these character relationships, and when we started mapping all that out it just went beyond 110 pages ...

Dom says, "It's never goodbye." He drives away, but Brian catches up with him at a crossroad.

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